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REVIEW: L'Oreal Color Riche Le Kohl in Portofino Blue and and Pure Espresso


Hello people. How was your weekend? Mine included a 1 year old's birthday party and a visit to a three month old baby (Lots of my friends are having babies). My makeup for the birthday party features the new Makeup Revolution London Redemption Palette Iconic 3  and I will have pictures of that in the next post.
Getting back to today's review.

L'Oreal is supposed to be a drugstore brand but I've always found it to be slightly pricier, than a regular drugstore brand and so I've been really picky about investing in products from this brand. 
The L'Oreal True Match Foundation in W7 was my favourite foundation, actually it was my only foundation will it got over. Then I ended up buying the L'Oreal Color Riche nail polish in 403 and the Color Riche Le Kohl in Pure Espresso. I love the nail polish and I'm finally getting around to reviewing the eye liner pencil.

I wanted a brown kohl pencil and picked the L'Oreal Color Riche Le Kohl in 102 Pure Espresso.

Price: 350INR

Ideally that isn't how much I would pay for an eyeliner pencil but I really do like this. It is soft and smooth but does tug a little bit while using. It needs to be sharpened so there is wastage of product.  If you sharpen it to a point, it can give you a nice fine line.
I love using this just below my lower lashes to give the illusion of bigger eyes. I also use it to fill my eyebrows. It doesn't set too quickly so it can be smudged out. I have used it as a base for a brown smoky eye. It can be used as a kohl, it might cause mild irritation if you have sensitive eyes. 
It does fade towards the inner corner very quickly and it isn't exactly smudge free. But if you set it with eyeshadow it stays for about 6 hours. On its own, it stays intact for 3-4 and then starts to fade but doesn't completely disappear. I It comes off only with a makeup remover. It seems to be water resistant but not waterproof. It does sort of smudge with water. It is not the most pigmented eyeliner pencil and needs about 2-3 swipes for a true colour.

Now moving onto the L'Oreal Color Riche Le Kohl in 108 Portofino Blue.
This was launched over a year ago as part of the L'Or Sunset collection that I think came out during the Cannes 2013.

Price : 350 INR

I read so much about it but the price stopped me from buying it. Also I wasn't really into blue eye liners at that point. Then Poonam of Beauty and Makeup Matters had a blog sale where I picked this up for about half the price. It seemed worth it to try the colour.
Ok so my thoughts on this.
Lovely blue colour. It is a very different blue from the others I own.
I find that it isn't as smooth as Pure Espresso. It tugs on my lids quite a bit and the colour payoff isn't as amazing as I expected. You need quite a few swipes to get good pigmentation. I find that this colour fades from the inner corners faster than Pure espresso. I can't use this as a kohl because it irritates my eyes. In the rest of the aspects it is the same to Pure espresso- staying power, not very smudge free, water resistant not waterproof.

Let's quickly look at the pros and cons list

What I like about this product:
Stays on when set with eyeshadow.
Slightly fades but doesn't disappear altogether.
Unique blue colour and brown is a must have colou.

What I don't like about this product:
The Price is too much for an eyepencil of a drugstore brand.
There is tugging on the eyelids.
Must swipe multiple times to get a true colour.
Must be sharpened which can lead to wastage of product.
Does transfer if you touch it.

Overall I might repurchase Pure Espresso but not Portofino blue.

Tip: The brown works best as a base for smoky eye or just smudged on the upper and lower lash lines.

Portofino blue on the upper lash line and Pure espresso on the lower lash line

I have used the L'Oreal Color Riche Le Kohl in Pure Espresso when I did a celebrity inspired look- Shraddha Kapoor and also in a Look Of The Day.

Have you used these colours or any other colours from this range? What's your take on them?

miss kays