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What Brightened my day up!

Yesterday was a really gloomy day. It was dark and gloomy all morning and afternoon and I hate gloominess. I am a sunshine person. Plus you get better pictures when there is sun that is not hidden behind clouds. To add to the gloomy weather my plans of meeting up with a friend got cancelled and so I was a bit bummed out. I just sat around and watched tv till I got a message that my order from Jabong was on its way. It was 3 days early!!! I was just ecstatic. I thought I would wait and be the one to receive it. However after being fooled twice (someone else was at the door), it came at the exact time that I decided I would go shower. Oh well!

Ok flashback time.

Most of you know that I went on a major Purge sometime ago and threw a lot of my makeup and products that were outdated, the rest of the stuff that I have not used or won't be using is on the Blog Sale.  (Have you checked that out yet?)

I haven't shopped in a while for a few reasons and I have been on a sort of shopping ban, then two days ago Mily of Pinkrimage posted about a flash sale on some products on Jabong. I have never shopped on Jabong. Yeah yeah I know. I just can't seem to bring myself to shop for clothes online because I am worried about the fitting and all of that. However after reading her blog post on the flash sale I headed over to Jabong to just check it out and I ended up shopping for one product. (I am trying to downsize my collection so I didn't go overboard.)

Here is what I bought: Makeup Revolution London Redemption Palette Iconic 3.

I did check out the Iconic and Iconic 2 as well. I read some reviews and I looked at swatches and finally settled for this because the shades are beautiful. More importantly it has a gorgeous rose gold shade and all the shades are warm neutral shades. Exactly what I have been wanting. Some sites actual called this a dupe of Urban Decay's Naked palette. I don't own that so no comments there.

The arrival of the Makeup Revolution London Redemption Palette Iconic 3 really made my day.

Before it started pouring, I quickly swatched it and clicked pictures.

Here are the swatches. There are no names for the colours. I will very quickly describe them and tell you what was my first impression on swatching them.

From left to right.

Shade 1: Matte pale skin colour.

Shade 2: Shimmery champagne. Very shimmery.

Shade 3: Satin finish rosey colour

Shade 4: Matte pale peachy brown (not very pigmented)

Shade 5: Shimmery rose gold. Love it!!

Shade 6: Shimmery coppery shade. This seems to have some fall out.

Shade 7: Matte brown.

Shade 8: Slightly shimmery finish light brown

Shade 9: Slightly shimmery finish brown

Shade 10: Slightly shimmery bronze

Shade 11: Satin finish grey brown. Looks like it may be a dual tone.

Shade 12. Dark chocolate colour. Shimmery finish. Seems to have some fallout.

So what do you guys think?? I am so excited to use these. I am currently testing some other eye products so this is next in line..

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