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Beauty Buys for the month of July

Hey everyone!

So I have been a little out of things for a while. The viral that is roaming Bangalore hit me and hit me hard. It was days of inhaling steam and checking my temperature and the worst part is losing all the ability to taste. I hate that the most when I get a fever. Anyway I am much better now, not completely up and about but I thought I would shake off the sick feeling by getting some blogging done.

I was supposed to do a favourites this month, but I haven't used a lot of makeup or kept to my skin care routine properly. I thought I just show you what all I bought this month in terms of makeup. I know the sale season was on, but I really didn't so much clothes shopping. I am not on a spending ban as such but I am most certainly controlling from unnecessary buys. Why do you ask? Well for starters I have tons of products waiting to be reviewed but most importantly, I quit my job and so it seemed like a wise decision to curb the shopping. (why I quit is up on my other blog). This is a beauty blog so lets focus on that.

1)Makeup Revolution London Redemption Palette Iconic 3.
You guys saw this the very next day after I bought it. I have used it only once or twice. Being at home and in this rainy season, makeup hasn't really been top priority on my list. Hence I haven't used this as much as I would have liked to. I know a lot of you are waiting for the reviews. This month, for sure.

2)Maybelline ColorShow lipstick in Choco-latte.
I didn't even know that these had released. I went to buy makeup remover and saw this and I bought it. I did use it as soon as I bought it and my initially thoughts are that I do like it.

3) Maybelline Clean Express Total Clean
The new makeup remover in town. I've read good reviews so far. Lets see how it fares on me.

4) Streetwear nail enamel in Drama Diva
I seem to be liking purple nail colour all of a sudden. This was picked up on a whim.

5) ELF contouring blush and bronzing powder.
I have wanted a proper bronzer for quite a while and when I caught sight of this on a blog sale, I decided I wanted to get it.

6) Estee Lauder Pure Colour Gloss in Plum Divine.
With the season changing I find myself liking darker colours. That and the fact that this was on a blog sale made me jump for it. Its Estee Lauder. I need to try luxury brands at some point. Right?

I got a french tip manicure guide and a statement ring free with the blog sale items.

My skin has cleared up quite a bit. I just have one small painful zit left because of the cold medication. I will get back to testing make up as soon as that subdues.

Well gotta go and inhale some more steam to clear my head. Stupid weather changes.

Tell me about your purchases this month.

miss kays