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Eyebrows maketh the face complete. Featuring Benefit Gimme Brow

Can you imagine what you would look like without eyebrows? Creepy thought right!! Sometimes when we go to get our eyebrows done, they are done so badly that we may as well have shaved off the eyebrows completely and then regrown them to look better.

Here is a fun fact about me: I got my eye brows done for the first time when I was 24. I still have never gotten them shaped, just a simple clean up to make them neat.
I still am super paranoid about getting them shaped because what if it gets totally messed up!!Plus I kind of do like my thick bushy eyebrows.

Well eyebrow grooming/ shaping/ filling is something I have seen since my very first dance performance. The makeup artists draw on these really thick eyebrows so that your facial expressions are seen more exaggerated. One of the first things I ever tried on myself in terms of makeup, was to fill the eyebrows. I think when I was about 14 or so. I tried it with a black kohl pencil. BIG mistake! My mom saw it immediately and even though I vehemently denied having done anything to my face, it was quite visible.

Now that I have been applying makeup properly (well atleast I think it is proper) for a few years I have slowly started trying new things and eyebrow products is one of them.

Here I want to show you how much of a difference well define eyebrows can make to the overall look.

The first product is available internationally and now available in Delhi Sephora- Benefit Gimme Brow.
Some of you may remember the humongous international products haul that I had done in May (thanks to my best friend coming down to India) and this was one of the products. I specifically asked her to get me some eyebrow products- wax, pencil, anything. And she turned up with one of the best brands.

I have the Benefit Gimme Brow in medium deep. It is basically a brow gel with some colour, I guess we can call that a tinted brow gel? It is small and easy to carry around in case you need touch ups. But in all probability you won't. Once it sets, it stays for a good 4+ hours and comes off with makeup remover. It seems to be waterproof because I haven't seen this run when I just wash my face with water. The colour is a taupe brown, not too stark, and it doesn't make my eyebrows dark but just sets them in place and makes the overall look very polished and put together. Maybe a darker shade would have been good to fill in colour. It is very wet when you first apply it and takes a few minutes to dry. The hair doesn't feel excessively stiff with the product on. I haven't had any trouble in removing it with a makeup remover. I would have liked it if had filled the sparse areas but in all fairness it is a gel and pencils or waxes are definitely better if you want full coverage. I love this for an easy everyday simple look, when I want my eyebrows to look natural but neat.

For the times when I want a bit more filling in and some more definition, I use the L'Oreal Color Riche Le Kohl in Pure Espresso (I have already reviewed it). Using quick small strokes I fill in the areas I want and smoothen it out with a spooly. Then go over the whole eyebrow with the Benefit Gimme Brow.
Sometimes I use a dark brown eyeshadow like MAC in Dark Edge.

without doing my eyebrows

undone eyebrows

For the subtle look
with Gimme brow on

undone eyebrow
 For a more bold look.

with L'Oreal Le Kohl in Pure Espresso and Gimme Brow

Left side is only Gimme Brow and Right side is L'Oreal Le Kohl and Gimme brow 

So this is how I do my eyebrows to complete my entire makeup look. Of course I do highlight it as well to make them pop a little more.

What do you do? Do let me know in the comments below.

miss kays


P.S it has been a while since I had a giveaway right? So I am planning a really small one where one of you can win one of my current favourite products. Stay tuned.