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From Tam Bram to Bengali for a day.

India is known for its cultural diversity and this usually is seen the most when we have to dress in our ethnic best. Independence Day is usually when all the patriotism is at it's maximum. Ethnic Day is a concept that colleges usually put forth in an attempt to get the youngsters out of jeans and into more traditional Indian wear.  Now combine Independence Day with Ethnic Day and what do you get? An outfit post. :P

Yesterday was Ethnic Day at my sister's work place and her team mates asked her to come dressed in a Bengali sari. In her usual styleI got slightly last minute information (if you ask her though she will claim she told me earlier than usual). So immediately my mom went to hunt for an appropriate sari. Luckily there is a really sweet Bengali aunty in the apartments where we lived, so we borrowed a sari from her and I had a cute blouse with puff sleeves that fit my sister. Once we got all the things we needed ready it was time to do a little research. Thanks to the WorldWideWeb we were able to find a video that showed how to tie a sari in the Bengali fashion. (For what ever reason we never thought of asking that aunty itself to show us how to tie it!) Then once she got back from work, we practised tying it a few times. Initially it seemed a bit complicated, then we realised the mistake we were making and straightened it out.

 The only thing is they usually tie the bunch of keys or a trinket at the end of the pallu and I didn't have time to get that together, so it was just a few bangles. I wasn't too happy about that.

 On the positive hand, my sister who is usually only a kajal and lip balm person let me go all out when it came to the makeup. Yaaay!

So here I present to you my sister- Bengali for a day.

I told her that she smile sucked so she changed the expression.

Please excuse her attempts to smile.

What do you guys think? Did I do an okay job?

miss kays


P.S She is the one who said I could make a blog post out of this :P