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REVIEW: Zuush nail polish remover pads

I have always been a Lakme nail polish remover using person. For a very long time I kept seeing nail polish remover pads at Health and Glow but never buying them. Then these got sent to me and even though I was ready to review it almost a month ago, I hadn't taken pictures. So finally here is the review.

I have reviewed makeup remover wipes from Zuush  and I really liked them, so I had some amount of expectations from the brand.

On the package it says that it is acetone free and this is good because acetone, though a very effective remover, it does damage the nails over time. The ingredients list glycerin to be present and also alcohol.
Because of the glycerin, the nail polish remover pad leaves the cuticle and the skin around the nails feeling a bit greasy, but if you just wash your hands with plain water, that greasy feeling goes away. What you are left with is soft fingers. There is alcohol also listed and I know that alcohol can be drying on the skin, but thanks to the presence of glycerin and aloe vera, I couldn't feel any effect of alcohol. Some people may not like the idea of alcohol in it. The pads do have a very strong odour of lavender. Some people could find that a bit overwhelming. However, no fragrance lingers on the nails or fingers after use.
The pads are very thin and soaked in product but they don't drip. You must keep the package closed really well or they could dry out. The packaging is a simple circular box with a lid that you can screw on. The ingredients are listed at the back. 

I require just one pad to remove all the nail polish off both my hands if the nail polish is a light colour. For dark colours, one pad for one hand. For glitter nail polish, I need about three pads for both hands. 
I find that it works best when you hold it down on the nail for a few seconds and it off. Glitter nail polish of course takes a bit longer to remove. Overall it is certainly an effective remover.

Once the nail polish has been removed, and you wash your hands, the nails and cuticle feel soft and not dry.

I haven't used any other nail polish pads and so I can't compare this to anything else in terms of pricing or effectiveness.

Price: 95 INR for 30 pads. which I think is pretty economical

You can see how moist it is.

You can see how the nail colour is starting to seep into the pad

The nail colour has been removed

Clean nail. You can see it looks a bit greasy

Wanted to show to clean the nail looks in comparison to the rest of the hand.

After removing all the nail polish

A clean hand in a matter of minutes.

In summary

What I like about the product:
> Removes nail polish effectively
> Affordable
> Doesn't dry the nails or cuticles
>Acetone free
> Contains aloe vera which makes the nails and cuticles feel soft
> Easy to use.

What I don't like the product:
> The fragrance is overhwhelming.

Would  recommend this product?
Yes. If you can handle the strong lavender odour, then it is worth trying.

Have you tried Zuush nail polish remover pads? Do let me know in the comments below.

miss kays


P.S Product sent by brand for review. Opinions here are my own and are honest.