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Dancing your way to health- Part 1

Those of you who know me, know that dance is in my every breath, my every move. I started dancing at the age of 5 and half and haven't stopped yet. I've tried my hand at various styles from Bharatnatyam to salsa (Belly dancing is on the list as well). However I do realise that I don't have the agility or the stamina that I had 10 years ago and so I am trying out a different dance style that isn't as exhausting. (One has to accept that age is catching up). Also being a teacher is a different type of commitment and doesn't give me as much time as I would like to dance.

Recently I got the opportunity to try a new form of dance called Wu Tao.

Developed by Michelle Locke, it is a form of dance therapy that has its foundations in Chinese medicine. It focuses on the meridians with the aim to improve and strengthen the core.

There are 5 main dances- one for each of the elements and each element focuses on one meridian, just like Yoga focuses on chakras.

I have now been trying this on and off for 5 weeks. I've learnt the dances and it only takes about half hour in the morning. I feel very relaxed and focused after this. What I like best is that it doesn't need tons of stamina or flexibility. It helps you build both. I do need to be more regular though.

So I guess some of you are wondering where I am learning this dance. Well that is the best part. I am learning it right at home. Yup! Michelle gives you the opportunity to learn this and practice it in the comfort of your home. There is the option of a home study program. There have been videos showing all the 5 dances, music for meditation and also some reading material. All of this was sent to me and I've downloaded it and kept it on my computer.

I wanted to write about this a long time ago and I ended up delaying it. But not any more. I've decided that I am going to introducing more articles on health and this is just the start. There will be a series of detailed posts on Wu Tao and how it can help you and more importantly how it has helped me. So you can keep a look out for that once a month. In the meantime, check out the Wu Tao website -  and change your way of life.

After all healthy living is a happier way of life.

miss kays


Disclaimer: The course material was sent to me for consideration but I truly love it and that's why I intend to make it a regular feature on my blog.