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How to effectively take care of your skin: What I learnt from ZA Beauty School.

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With the festive on, everyone wants to look their best have glowing skin. We all know that beautiful skin is the best foundation one can lay before applying makeup. However sometimes we spend so much on skincare and feel dejected that it didn't work for us. Maybe, just maybe we didn't us the products effectively enough? (and of course there are some products that just don't work as well)

Here are some valuable lessons that I learnt on skincare during the ZA Beauty School.

Before starting I would like to mention that this post is not sponsored in any way. I really really enjoyed the session and while sitting there I could think of a bunch of my friends and readers who would have loved to be there, but couldn't. Therefore I am writing an article on what I learnt. The teacher in me likes to educate.

How to effectively take care of your skin?

1) Use a cleansing foam and not just any old  wash. The foam particles deep cleanse the better than a regular face wash.

2) Wash your hands before you wash your face.

3) Lather up the facewash between your palms. Work up a good foam before applying it to your face, The foam acts as a cushion between the skin and your fingers, thereby preventing any damage your fingers could cause on your skin.

4) Wash your face twice a day. Any thing more could be to too drying.

5) The correct way to use a toner is to apply it on a cotton pad and hold the cotton pad as shown. Then gently wipe your face starting with the forehead, your cheeks, nose and finally the chin and neck. Small gentle motions are to be used. The main purpose of the toner is to balance the pH of the skin, so an alcohol free one is always better.

6) Never step out without a sun protector. SPF indicates how long a product will protect you from the sun. eg SPF 26 will protect you for about 6 and half hours. So you don't need anything higher than that.

7) If you wash your face, or sweat too much, you will have to reapply the sunscreen. So what's the point in using a suncreen with SPF 50, if its going to just be washed away on 6 hours?

8) The order in which the products are used makes a huge difference.- face wash- toner- moisturiser/ day cream/ night cream- SPF (for a morning routine only). That's the correct order. If you are using an eye cream, then use it after toner before the moisturiser

9) Drink lots of water. Nothing works better than hydrating the skin from inside.

10) There is a lot of debate on the best age to start anti ageing products. The best judge is you. Take a good look at your skin and then decide when you want to start using such products. Don't just blindly follow what you read anywhere (including here)

Me after doing the whole skin care routine.

So there the top 10 tips that I found to be most useful.

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I would also like to mention that I have bought products from the ZA line and I am currently testing them. I will have full reviews on them in 2-3 months. That's the amount of time it will take to see the true results from any skin care product. (That was another thing I learnt)

Do you have any skin care tips to add to the list?  Do let me know in the comments below.

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P.S I have some festive related posts coming up. Stay tuned!


  1. So infoemative :) loved reading it specially the last part :) u look bful :*