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My experience at ZA Beauty School

A week ago I got the opportunity to attend the ZA Beauty School that was conducted in Bangalore. When I got the call telling me that I was invited, I was practically jumping around that house with happiness. I had no idea of what to expect when I walked into Gateway Hotel on Monday morning.

Pre event selfie. Yes yes I kind of suck at selfies.
Each table has place for 6 of us to sit. At each person's place there was a booklet, a mirror, a sheet face mask, a notepad and a pencil. Each table also had the ZA products placed in the centre.

I had the joy of sharing the table with two fellow bloggers- Sri of Beautytints and Pankhuri of Addicted Shades, and a few other lovely women.

It started with Salman Bukhar, Managing Director, introducing Shiseido to us in case we hadn't heard of it. More importantly he talked about why they introduced ZA line of products to the Indian market. Skincare of course is the basis of beauty and so it makes a lot of sense to introduce skincare that comes with Japanese technology.

getting introduced to Shiseido and ZA

The workshop itself was conducted by Ms Megumi Mitsui and Anna. Now Megumi Mitsui is Japanese and can't speak a word of English, so Anna was the the translator. It was conducted really well. The whole workshop was presented in an orderly and methodical manner.

Ms. Megumi

Ms. Megumi started by talking to us about the skin and its layer, and the factors that affect our skin.
Did you know that the dermis layer take 5 years to be completely reborn??? The epidermis itself takes 42 days! No wonder we are supposed to give skin care products about 2-3 months to see any sort of results.

The demonstration

The best part of the workshop was the fact that not only did she demonstrate how to use the products, but we got to use it as well. I think my favourite part was the sheet face mask that we soaked in toner and used. Oh man! What a refreshing feeling!! Anyone know where we can get dry sheet face masks here?
Lets get this skin care started

The sheet face mask

I loved this mask

We were educated on how to choose the products, not only according to our skin type but also our skin concerns. The order in which the products are used also matters. We learnt about how important moisture was for the skin.

By the end of the entire skin care routine, my skin moisture level had gone from  42.4% to 63%.

After completing the entire demonstration

It was really eye opening in terms of how little we actually knew about our skin and caring for our skin, well atleast how little I actually knew.

I will have a post with all the tips on skincare that we learnt.

L-R: Me, Ms. Megumi, Ms. Anna, Pankhuri

We had some snacks, got the chance for a little one on one interaction with Ms. Megumi, and could buy the products that we were interested in.

All in all, it was a great experience. I completely enjoyed it and I left with my skin feeling refreshed and also a little more knowledgeable.

Thank you ZA India for the opportunity and thank you Ms. Megumi for the valuable lessons.

miss kays