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My first ever Fabbag! Lets see what's in my Fabbag

After a lot of deliberation I finally ordered a Fabbag. I think it is a great concept. To offer a set of products and samples for a fixed price. It allows you to try different brands and different products. I am pretty sure I would have never tried most of these brands if it wasn't through Fabbag.

The bags are also themed and they really put a lot of effort to get products that stick to the theme. This month had products with natural and organic ingredients.

I ordered it on the 23rd August and it reached on 28th August. Everything came in perfect condition.
I was really happy with all the products that came. The bag cost 599 INR.

The actual bag itself is a really pretty yellow and quite spacious.

1) Kronokare Caribbean Ginger Revive and Thrive Shower gel and Body Lotion. 
I have been meaning to try this brand and I am so excited that I get to try it.  (P.S I ordered this Fabbag only when I saw that Kronokare was a part of this month's bag). I haven't yet started using it because I am testing another bath product. I got the full size of 60ml each. The shower gel costs 105 INR and the lotion costs 115 INR for 60 ml.

2) Palladio be Chic Lipstick
So the color I got was Merlot. It looked really dark in the package but I tried it and it looks AMAZING! It is not a colour I would have bought because I would have been too scared to try something this dark. I will have a full review of it sometime this month. The colour is perfect for the coming season.
I got a full size which costs 550 INR

3)NYX eye pencil in Bleu Roi.
I used this today and the colour is just... wow.. It is a colour I don't own and I actually own a lot of coloured eyeliners. I will definitely have a review for this up some time this month.
I have a full size pencil and it costs 295 INR.

4)Nyassa Hand Cream in Moroccan Rose.
This is another brand I would have never thought to try. I love rose water and the one I got smells like that. Love it!!
The full size costs 300 INR for 145 ml. I got 30ml which is more than enough to try and review.

I want to squeal and tell you how much I love the Fabbag this month! I am so happy that the first time I decided to try it turned out to be so great!! So now I just have to get the reviews of  these products up soon!
Stay tuned.

miss kays


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