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What I would wear if I went for a football match.

Those who know me know that the chances of me going for a football match is probably negative, but they also know that I never skip the opportunity to put together an outfit.

So in the hypothetical situation that I would go for a football match, here is what I would wear.

Fanatics is a website where you can get jerseys from your favourite NFL teams and more. Now since I don't watch NFL, choosing a jersey for me was purely based on colour and the name of the team. I chose a jersey from Miami Dolphins for 3 reasons
1) The colour is my favourite.
2) Dolphins are really cute animals.
3) Miami = beach, who doesn't want that imagery in their head.

For the casual vibe, I chose track pants and flip flops.

A cap and tote are essential for a day out. You need to be able to carry everything and stay protected from the sun.

No outfit is complete without accessories, so I added a charm bracelet and cute dolphin earrings.

Check out Fanatics and let me know your favourite team and the jersey you would choose.

Fanatics would be every sports lover's dream come true.

miss kays