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What to expect in November and December- a quick update

I've finally found my rhythm with blogging, studying for my exam that is less than two months away, and taking tuitions (yes the teacher in me just can't stay away from helping kids). I am really excited about the next two months because I have reasons to celebrate- my blog is now a .com, my blog's anniversary is coming up, my bike's birthday is coming up and my birthday is coming up! The best part of all, after Dec 22nd, I don't have study for a while. Wooohooo!

So I have some really fun stuff planned for the next two months. A series of giveaways, blog sale, a Makeup lottery, a new series are some of things that you can expect in the upcoming months. Maybe, hopefully a few more collaboration posts, maybe a flash contest or two,a and some more Avatar posts. I'm just drawing out a schedule keeping in mind my studying schedule. I am so excited (I think I already said that), I hope you are too. Stay tuned.

Is there anything specific that you want to see on the blog? Any specific types of posts? Let me know in the comments and I will try to get posts on those as well.

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Guest Post: Layering for every weather.

Bangalore is getting colder and it is time to pull out the sweaters. To help you layer up for this weather, or in any weather, I've brought in a little help today in the form of Fashion and Frappes.


Sneak Peek: An upcoming guest blog

Bangalore is getting so cold!! I am not a fan of waking up to the lack of sunlight because of the dark black rain clouds. That being said, layering is pretty fun. The next guest post is just that. Three girls, three cities, three different ways of layering will be here on with love from Fashion and Frappes.
So say hi to Anisha, Bidisha and Satarupa and stay tuned for their guest post. 
In the meantime, go read my guest post on their blog right here.

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#Pinktober: Pink for a cause.


Deciphering the Puzzle nail art

Nail art is so not my thing. You have seen my very failed attempts to at nail art before, so for a change I brought in someone new to show you a really simple but fun design for your nails.
Everyone meet Chloe, a fellow beauty blogger. What I like best about her blog is her nail art and so I asked her to do one for you guys.


Some ways to add pizzazz to your eye makeup: Party/ Festive special

Hey everyone, I hope you are having a wonderful Diwali!
I don't know about your guys, but I have some post Diwali get together to attend and sometimes wearing just a plain black liner is boring  + I don't have time to use multiple eyeshadows and blend, so here are some ways in which you add a little something more to your black eyeliner.


See what The Nature's Co has to offer for Diwali and beyond.

The Nature's Co. unveils the Grande Deepavali Fest till the 31st of October

Collablog Diaries: Our Favourite Bling for the Festive Season


IshtyleAwhile on Instagram with a Diwali special Giveaway!

I am addicted to Instagram. I can't believe I just confessed that on a public forum, but oh well. I didn't expect to get addicted but I am just checking makeup pictures every hour!

To commemorate IshtyleAwhile being on Instagram  I wanted to host a quick giveaway only for Instagram followers and Rominks-The Style Shop was kind enough to sponsor the prizes for this.
Rominks basically sells accessories at affordable prices. You should really check out their collection either on FB or Instagram.

Thank you Rominks! 

If are following Ishtyleawhile on Instagram then you will know that this giveaway started last night itself. There will be 3 winners and the prizes are some pretty accessories to add some bling to your Diwali outfit.

The giveaway is from 14th October to 19th October, 2014 up till 8pm

So here are the rules:
1) This is open to Indian residents only.
2) You must follow IshtyleAwhile - ( and  Rominks- The Style Shop ( on Instagram.
3) Repost the picture that we upload on Instagram and tag both IshtyleAwhile and Rominks in that photograph.

Check back on the 20th October for the announcement of the winners. We're hoping to get the prizes to reach the winners before Diwali.

I will have a post up soon showing you some ways in which you can style these accessories.

Again this is only an Instagram giveaway.

Hurry and go enter!

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Are you still reading here? Go Go Go to Instagram!


Confessions: On finding myself through blogging and a huge shoutout to some very special bloggers.

There are some things that we never think we will achieve, possibly because we never really thought about it. We never had a game plan or a thought about the future. And then one day we start to wonder where exactly we want to go, are we on the right path? Where do we see ourselves in 5 years or may be 10?
Every relationship has a starting point, a period of lag and ups and downs. That's exactly what I have been through with my blog. It started on a whim in November 2011. I never really put much thought into it. If others could write, I could write, no biggie, right? Wrong!!
I had no clue about blogging. That was the truth. This is hit me hard only when I conducted my first giveaway and had like 5 people enter it. I was living in a fantasy that I would get hundreds of viewers and followers with just this one giveaway. Reality was that my blog was barely visible. The problem was not my writing. The problem was that I had no idea where I was headed. I was wandering and this reflected in my blog. Inconsistent writing, irregular posts and the lack of focus was so blatantly out there. I had no niche, no USP. I know I may be sounding really harsh on myself, but we are our worst critics.

Then I decided I had to apply myself more and from mid 2013 I started paying more attention to details like the photos, the background, variety in posts but yet sort of regular features. But I still had a lot of points that I wanted to figure out.
In May 2014 I forced myself to post everyday for the entire month. One day I got a message from a friend on Facebook, a girl I hadn't really talked to since I graduated B.Sc. She told me that she really enjoyed reading my blog and had been silently following me for a while now. She loved my outfit posts and wished I posted more regularly, I felt so happy!! I mean this is a girl who I felt was one of the most fashionable in my class and here she was praising my work. I was just flying high that day.

For a long time, I hadn't really told anyone about the blog, not even my family. I would secretly click pictures of my face or the products and then blog. I was in hiding even though I was out on the web. It took me over a year to go sort of public with the fact that I was blogging about makeup and fashion. I guess at some level I was worried about seeming shallow because I have had people say that before. I have been with people who label anyone who applies makeup or worries about accessories not matching their clothes to be shallow and I couldn't let myself to be honest about how much I loved this!

Now, my mom tells all her friends that her daughter is a beauty blogger. My dad makes suggestions about posts I could do. My friends ask for my advice on what products to buy and skincare for their skin type, and me, I have never been happier.

I now have a plan, a focus. I know where I am going, well part of the way atleast. Some parts of it, I will just wing it.

I don't know if you have noticed but I am no longer but now It has taken me 3 years to realise how passionate I am about this and what sort of blog I want this to be. 3 years to discover different side of me. This is the start of something new.

Before I end this post, I have a few people besides my family that I want to thank.

To my best friend in the entire world for helping me with the technicalities of getting a domain. I love you Janani.

To Mily of Pinkrimage, Srishty of Life of Srish, Poonam of Beauty and Makeup Matters, Rose of Glittertrails, Sindhu of SindhuJP, Harine of Crazyforcosmetics for being friends. You've made me realise that the blogging community isn't selfish. There is always someone to help you if you reach out to them. There is no jealousy or competition, but a sense of companionship. I cannot thank you ladies enough! I know there are a few more people who I need to add to this list.

To Tanmayee and Roshni, two ex students of mine who have been reading my blog since the start.

And to the rest of my readers, silent and active, Thank you so much for all your love and support and encouragement. I really hope I can continue to live up to your expectations and make this blog grow more.

with love

Krupa (miss kays)

P.S I am having a little issue with the commentluv. So that's why Sindhu, Srish and Harine your comments aren't seen here. But i have them in my inbox. 


The month that was- September 2014


Navrathri Day 6: Lets paint the town Red, the Maharasthrian way.


Infographic on combating oily acne prone skin

Who hasn't battled with acne at some point in their life?? I still am. At the age of 28, you would think that my skin would have started to age by now, but no, it decides to rebel just now and is going through a troublesome teenage phase. (you can check out my posts on my battle with acne here and here)

Livia from OilySkinBlog has put together an infographic on battling acne which is what I am sharing with you today.

Head over to Livia's blog for more tips on how to battle acne and deal with oily skin.

Comment below telling us how you deal with oily skin problems and acne. We would love to hear from all of you.

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