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2 outfits from Avirate

For the record these outfits are very different from my usual style. I totally prefer kurtas and leggings or kurtis and jeans. However there are occasions when I want to dress a bit differently. I recently cleaned out my wardrobe and gave away my skirts and the one dress that I did have (Ok I do have one skirt that I have styled here). They didn't fit me and I hadn't worn them in years, yes years, so it seemed pointless to let them occupy space in my wardrobe. After I gave them away I really wanted a skirt and a dress, something that I could wear for those rare occasions that I was going to a club or a ladies night out. I had gone out with my cousin sister and I found these at Avirate. Now Avirate isn't the most affordable brand, but they were on sale and I only bought stuff that I know I would wear. I was super picky about the fit and made them alter it so that I was happy.

Outfit 1- Adding some colour to a Saturday night

Yellow was my house colour in school and so holds a special place in my heart (despite having been teased about yellow being a dirty fellow. Seriously, the rhymes that school kids make up are hilarious). What I loved about this skirt is that is flows well and it can work as both a day time outfit and an evening out outfit. I hope to do an Avatar post with this soon.

I wore a simple black tee in a blouse style from Wills Lifestyle.

To add to the outfit, I added statement necklace that doesn't take anything away from the skirt but adds some glam quotient to the entire outfit. Of course, golden heels was the natural choice of footwear.

For makeup I did a bright fuschia lip. I liked the contrast with the yellow skirt. I also wore Fuschia nail polish from Maybelline.

Outfit 2- Black and white with shades of grey.

I never saw myself as a dress person. Ever. Except when I dance, but then its more of a costume. I love the simplicity of this dress and I can really see myself style it in different ways, which I intend to.
I wore this to the ZA Beauty School event and it was so so comfortable!! Man I never thought I would just be so comfortable in a dress for a whole day.

I wanted a simple chic look and so I opted for a three fourth cardigan from Wills Lifestyle and my black Lavie bag. I knew I would be walking a lot and so I wore flats. You've seen this footwear in my August Favourites.

For makeup, I went real simple and wore a bright pink lipstick and winger eyeliner. I did cheat a bit and used an eyeliner that isn't in my makeup basket for this month. Not very happy about that. It just goes to show that I need to put more effort into the monthly makeup basket.

Wearing makeup was a bit useless though because we ended up removing it all during the Beauty School.


So this is how I styled the skirt and dress that I got from Avirate. Have you ever tried any clothes from Avirate? Btw this brand is available on Myntra and Jabong and Flipkart.

How else do you think I can style these pieces? I would love to hear your ideas in the comments and maybe I can try styling them in that way for another post.

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