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A Diwali Special Styling with Rominks The Style Shop

Hey everyone. I didn't want my Instagram giveaway to be just another giveaway so I thought it would be fun to show you some ways in which you could style the accessories that have been sponsored by Rominks The Style Shop for the giveaway.

Disclaimer: I am not wearing any makeup except an eyeliner that I am testing because I'm taking a small break from makeup till Diwali. My skin needs some detox. So please don't get scared and stop following me after this.

Prize 1:

I never thought I would love a head accessory. This is so delicate and so pretty and whoever wins this, you are one lucky girl

I paired this with a long skirt because the flow of the skirt seemed to accentuate the gracefulness of the head chain.

The other accessory in the first prize is a funky neon statement piece. This is so versatile. I paired it in two ways to highlight it.

The other way I would style this would be with a black sari and a neon border. It would add a real statement to the sari. I don't have such a sari but I thought I would just throw that option there as well.

Prize 2: 

This is a really STATEMENT piece. You just can't stop looking at it. It is both fascinating and scary. Can I carry this off? Would it look good on me? This is what I wondered. Then I paired it with a black top and dark green pants to just lift the outfit a bit.

I also paired with a white tee white and added a black shirt on the top. I think this gives a very flirty feel to what would have been a rigid white tee or a stiff black shirt.

Prize 3: 

This bracelet is all you need to add colour to any outfit. Plus personally I think it is the best accessory for Diwali. Pink and gold. You really can't go wrong with this combination. I kept it casual and paired it with a pink kurti and jeans.

So tell me, if you won any of these prizes how would you style it?
Oh of course, to have a chance at winning this, you need to enter the giveaway. It's really simple. Click here to find out how.

Check out Rominks The Style Shop on Instagram or FB to buy some of their pretty accessories. (P.S. they have loads of pretty stuff)

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  1. They look so nice �� maybe we can use the headgear as a sexy waistband with saree �� and yeah thanks for suggesting..its good to detox a while ��

    1. Sometimes your skin forces you to detox.

  2. Wow, they look so pretty especially the white necklace is beautiful! Have a nice weekend honey <3

    1. Thank you Rakhsha :) It is going great :)