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Deciphering the Puzzle nail art

Nail art is so not my thing. You have seen my very failed attempts to at nail art before, so for a change I brought in someone new to show you a really simple but fun design for your nails.
Everyone meet Chloe, a fellow beauty blogger. What I like best about her blog is her nail art and so I asked her to do one for you guys.

Hi everyone! So usually I post over on my blog - link - but today I'm posting a nail tutorial here for you guys! I usually post a mixture of nail tutorials, beauty & lifestyle posts so if that sounds like something you'd be interested in then I'd love for you to pop on over :)

So this post is going to be showing you how to do this really fun, puzzle nail art! All you need is two different coloured nail polishes and one dotting tool - medium size. I really like the look of this nail art when a black has been used as one of the colours but you could use any combination of colours - you could also use 4 colours instead to give it a really fun effect! Just ensure that the polishes you use will show up over the top of the other one. 

Start with painting half of your nail with one colour, and the other half of the nail with the other colour. On all of my nails, I painted black on the left and blue on the right, but you could change it up if you like!

Taking the black, I then covered the top half of the blue side. The key here, is to try and make the separation between the blue and black as straight as possible.

Then do the same for the other side - cover half of the left side with blue.

This step is kinda confusing to describe so I would recommend just copying the photo! But I'll try - taking a dotting tool, I used the blue and did two dots, both indenting into the black blocks.  

I then did exactly the same with the black - I created black dots indenting into the blue. 

So there you have it, that is how to create puzzle nails! If you recreate this look then please show me via twitter or instagram - I'd love to see! Thank you for reading :) 

Editor's note: You should check out her blog. She has some really fun nail art designs. 

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