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Guest Post: Layering for every weather.

Bangalore is getting colder and it is time to pull out the sweaters. To help you layer up for this weather, or in any weather, I've brought in a little help today in the form of Fashion and Frappes.

Hi everyone. We are three friends who blog at Fashion and Frappes about everything we think is fun, from fashion, to travel and of course, our love for coffee. We were happy to have the chance to post on Ishstyle Awhile (thanks very much Krupa!) and happy to host Krupa’s make-up tips on Fashion and Frappes as well. Hope you guys like this post – also, if you haven’t already, check out her post on Fashion and Frappes.

 We wanted to post some interesting outfits based on one theme (which we hope to continue doing on  Fashion and Frappes). When we were deciding on our theme for our outfits, there were very few themes  all three of us could agree on. I (Anisha), of course, mentioned layering, which was easy for me to do, which  Bidisha was not too thrilled about being in hot Bombay but she too rose to the challenge!


 The first picture you see of me is during my trip to London earlier in the year when the mint jacket was  necessary. Once I got back to Bombay, I skipped the jacket but kept the scarf on to make the outfit  more interesting.

 Outfit Details: 
 Stripe top, skirt and mint jacket - Forever 21, 
 Coral Sling Bag - Mango, scarf- H&M, 
 Neck piece –  Street shop on Hill Road, Mumbai,
 lipstick- Sephora Rouge 


 I decided to go with the quintessential work wear layered look – the v-neck sweater. But I also tried  something new by folding up the sleeves of the shirt so that it looks a little more casual. You will  remember I also wore these same jeans here.

 Outfit Details: 
 Button down shirt - Van Heusen, 
 Purple V-neck Sweater - Mango, 
 Jeans – Zara, 
 Purple wedges (which look like flats for some reason) – Bata, 
 Bag - eBay 


 I was in Poland last weekend (pictures for that will up soon by the way) and although it was sunny  which is lovely weather for Warsaw, I needed some serious layering skills to ensure I stayed warm. But  of course, I wanted to wear the new skirt I boughtI do think I managed quite well in my three layers – I  was warm as toast!

 Outfit Details:
 Black Peacoat and Light Grey Tee-shirt – Forever New, 
 Black Scuba Skirt – Bershka, 
 Silver Jumper and laced-up black boots – H&M, 
 Scarf – very old, from Colaba Causeway, Mumbai, 
 Sunglasses – Rayban, 
 Bag - black lace satchel bag from Bandra

So ladies, what are your layers to keep warm? I am in a sweatshirt and tracks as of now. Do share it with us in the comments below.

miss kays