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My experience at the MAC Techniques Workshop in Bangalore

MAC cosmetics. That brand is like a dream makeup brand to work with for any beauty blogger. Being a teacher, well I was a teacher, and so I never had the luxury of just shopping for MAC products as and when I wanted (Everyone knows that teachers don't make the most lucrative salaries). A little less than a year ago my sister gifted me my first MAC products- a foundation and a concealer. Then I was lucky to find a blog sale and bought an eyeshadow and a blush from MAC.
A few days ago I attended a MAC technique workshop.

My outfit of the day.
The workshop cost 3500INR and the entire amount is redeemable in MAC products. I haven't bought anything with it yet. I'm still working on the wishlist and I'll go before my birthday :D

Anyway, on to the workshop. It was a small session with just 5 of us. I think that is great because this way the MAC artists can actually watch you do your makeup and correct your mistakes.

There was a lot of learning that happened. The first hour was just a demo. We got to watch the facilitator do the look on a beautiful model. Our facilitator for the day was Shivangi. She very patiently answered all our questions. In the second hour we got to do our own makeup using the same products and brushes.

As a beauty blogger you would think that I know to apply makeup. Well that's what I thought too. But there are some techniques that I learnt to do better after this workshop.

The workshop that I attended was for absolute beginners and was on how to do a smoky eye.

Of all the things that I learnt I think the most important thing I learnt was how lightly a makeup brush actually needs to be held.

The other thing that I will never forget was the blush applying technique. Every makeup video I have seen has blush applied from the apple of the cheeks to the outside, but here we started from outside and brought it inwards. I never thought a small change in the application technique would bring about such a huge change to the way blush looked on me. It looks so much more natural and well blended.

All in all it was so much fun. I made some new friends and updated my makeup application skills.



Walking on the road selfie

The eye makeup up close.

I think you should try to attend this once. There may be some techniques you weren't aware of. Also you get products for the entire amount, so it is as good as attending a free workshop.

Have any of you ever attended a MAC techniques workshop? What was your experience like?

miss kays