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Navrathri Day 6: Lets paint the town Red, the Maharasthrian way.

Lets just say this one style I never thought I would be able to pull off. The very first video that I watched to learn how to style this, had a model that was in perfect shape and so it suited her really well!! I have managed to gain a little flab (or a lot according to moi), and I was very apprehensive about wearing this style of the sari. Then I came across another video and it still have the kacham,(the part that goes in between the legs to make it look like a pant  dhoti) but it was covered and I felt more comfortable to wear it like that.

Red was the colour of Day 6 and it seemed like the perfect colour for the Marathi style of the sari.

The accessories are the Temple set that I have styled here already. I just dismantled the jhumka and wore just the ear stud. The nose ring is a clip on that I have had for years now. I wanted to wear it with the Bengali style sari but in my excitement I kind of forgot. So I decided to wear it today.

For the hair I did a sleek low bun. I considered wearing a tikka but then I couldn't find the one I wanted and ditched the idea. The makeup was kept very very simple with just a matte bold lip.

What do you all think? This is the last outfit. Unfortunately the last 3 days of navrathri there was just too many things to do and too too many guests! I didn't have time to dress up

Here are the other outfits of navrathri
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So which was your favourite?? Let me know in the comments below. I really enjoyed doing this mini series. Hope you did too.

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