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#Pinktober: Pink for a cause.

This is a post that is different for the usual ones. The month of October is all about breast cancer awareness month and there has been a Pinktober tag that has been going around on various social media and also some blogs.
I was tagged by Sindhu of SindhuJP to do go pink for a cause.

Here is the link to Sindhu's post.

Thank you Sindhu for tagging me.

October is about creating awareness on Breast Cancer. Amazingly cancer is still a word that just terrifies people. There has been a lot of advancement in the field of medicine with respect to cancer treatment but yet, it remains a mystery to us. As a student of Biochemistry, Cancer as a subject truly fascinates me, but I am not going to get into the technical details and bore you.

There are a few things that I do want to say.

It is very important that a woman keeps checking herself for the presence of any unusual lumps. I'm heading towards the milestone age of 30 and I can't stress on how important it is for women above the age of 25 to get a full body check up done on a regular basis.
If there is a history of breast cancer in your family, anywhere in your family, then you are at a higher risk, so don't postpone getting a mammography done.
Don't go alone for these check ups, take a girl friend  or your mother. It is always nice to have someone there when you get your results so you can go out and celebrate the clean bill of health.:D

Ok onto the Pink part :P
I am just going to keep it simple and show you how I like to make a statement with my nails. I like a having an accent colour, and if I don't want a very bold accent colour then I just add some glitter nail polish

Both the colours shown here are from Sally Hansen. Reviews to follow soon.

I tag
Mily of Pinkrimage
Srishty of Life of Srish
Rose of Glittertrails
and you readers to carry this forward.
So go ahead, spread the word and spread the awareness. It could help someone get timely treatment

miss kays