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What to expect in November and December- a quick update

I've finally found my rhythm with blogging, studying for my exam that is less than two months away, and taking tuitions (yes the teacher in me just can't stay away from helping kids). I am really excited about the next two months because I have reasons to celebrate- my blog is now a .com, my blog's anniversary is coming up, my bike's birthday is coming up and my birthday is coming up! The best part of all, after Dec 22nd, I don't have study for a while. Wooohooo!

So I have some really fun stuff planned for the next two months. A series of giveaways, blog sale, a Makeup lottery, a new series are some of things that you can expect in the upcoming months. Maybe, hopefully a few more collaboration posts, maybe a flash contest or two,a and some more Avatar posts. I'm just drawing out a schedule keeping in mind my studying schedule. I am so excited (I think I already said that), I hope you are too. Stay tuned.

Is there anything specific that you want to see on the blog? Any specific types of posts? Let me know in the comments and I will try to get posts on those as well.

miss kays