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Blog sale [OPEN]

Hey everyone!
So a few weeks ago I had posted on Instagram about me cleaning out my stash and wondered whether I should have a blog sale or not. While I was collecting things to put on sale, my friends turned up and flicked a whole bunch of items that I wanted to put on sale. I ended up cleaning out a few more things from my collection to put on sale. Major decluttering happening.
I was also approached by a reader asking whether I would host her stuff on sale, so no worries people, there is a sale happening.


Why I will be inactive for a while + upcoming blog sale announcement

Hey everyone
I just wanted to post a quick note. You may have noticed that I have had less reviews in the past few weeks. There are two reasons for this.
1) I am testing some skin care products currently and skin care takes time to review.
2) I have been writing a few reviews over at The Metro Beauty. SO yes, besides writing for my own blog. I am writing for them as well.
If you click here you can see what I have written for other blogs.

I wanted to inform you guys that I am writing an exam on Dec 21st and so I will be kind of missing from blogging for the next month. I am trying to get some scheduled posts up but given the fact that I am taking tuitions, a Skype class and teaching part time in a school, besides studying for my own exam, I don't think I will be able to schedule more than 2 or 3 posts. I do have some simple posts ready to go, but there will be probably not be any reviews or outfit posts for a month.

This doesn't mean that my blog will be completely inactive. I have a giveaway going on currently sponsored by The Dancing Jewels. I have two more I Spy editions planned and another giveaway coming up soon after this one finishes.

Also, on  November 28th, 2014, there will be a blog sale from 3pm onwards. Don't forget to come and check out the products.

I am not going to be completely missing, I will keep posting on Instagram.

So stick around for the fun activities that will be there and before you know it, one month will be over and I will be back to blogging regularly.

Take care.

miss kays



Winners announcement: Giveaway #1 and I Spy #1

L'Oreal Paris presents The Infallible Range

Looking for some bold lipsticks for the fall and winter that last you the whole day and into the night? Look no further! L'Oreal has a new range of Infallible lipsticks out.


The Nature's Co is launching something new this International Men's Day.

Did you guys know that November 19th is International Men's day?? I didn't!! Now I have to get my dad something. Well The Nature's Co hasn't forgotten the important men in our life and is launching a new product just for them. Read on to find out more.

The Nature's Co. launches their Watermint Foaming Shave Gel, this International Men's Day. 


I Spy #1 [CLOSED]

As promised here is the first edition of I Spy!

I Spy with my little eye something that makes my brown eyes sparkle.
It is the colour of nobility but not quite what I wanted.
Budget friendly, long lasting, no sharpening and so easy to tackle.
Even after a makeup remover, the shimmer leaves me haunted
What is it?

Leave your name and your guess in the comments section below. This is open till midnight of November 19th 2014, and I will randomly choose a winner from those of you with the correct answers. The correct answer and the winner will be announced on November 20th 2014.
As I said before, this is a product that has been featured on IshtyleAwhile before, so feel free to look around and find the product. All the clues are in the riddle.
(P.S. this is open only to Indian Residents.)

Happy guessing!!

miss kays


Sneak peek: Upcoming Giveaway

Hey I have a giveaway starting tomorrow and I thought I would post a sneak peek of what is up for grabs.

Come back tomorrow at noon to see how to enter the giveaway.

miss kays