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I Spy #1 [CLOSED]

As promised here is the first edition of I Spy!

I Spy with my little eye something that makes my brown eyes sparkle.
It is the colour of nobility but not quite what I wanted.
Budget friendly, long lasting, no sharpening and so easy to tackle.
Even after a makeup remover, the shimmer leaves me haunted
What is it?

Leave your name and your guess in the comments section below. This is open till midnight of November 19th 2014, and I will randomly choose a winner from those of you with the correct answers. The correct answer and the winner will be announced on November 20th 2014.
As I said before, this is a product that has been featured on IshtyleAwhile before, so feel free to look around and find the product. All the clues are in the riddle.
(P.S. this is open only to Indian Residents.)

Happy guessing!!

miss kays