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I spy: A new series/ game, what you may call it.

When we would go on road trips as a kid, we would play games in the car and one of the games that we almost always played was " I Spy".

For those of you who don't know how this is played, you find an object and say "I Spy with my little eye something starting with the letter ___" and everyone else has to guess what the object is by looking around. 

So I thought I would make this into a fun game for the blog. Okay well the initial idea wasn't a game. I was going to call this series as Eye Spy and do a whole bunch of eye product reviews and some eye makeup looks etc. Then I was in the shower (we always get the best ideas in the bathroom), I was like - OMG! I should totally make this into a game, and Voila!

Here is how this game works. It is pretty simple, I promise.

I am sure many of you have seen the "guess the shade" post on some blogs. I know Poonam's blog, Beauty and Makeup Matters, does this for sure. Well I Spy is something similar to that.

I will put up a riddle of a product that I have reviewed/ featured on this blog.
If you solve the riddle, leave the answer in the comments section below and I will choose a winner randomly from all of you who have the right answer. More importantly, I will be sending that person a surprise gift. I will contact you by email, so make sure you are subscribed to IshtyleAwhile, and if you win, I will send you an email to get your contact details.
Whatever product I am talking about will definitely be something that has already been seen on the blog so you can hunt around and find the right answer.

Did you all understand how this works?

Well here is an example.

I Spy with my little eye something black and glossy.
It makes my eye look so much better.
I can wear it thick or wear it thin.
It doesn't put a hole in my pocket.
Every college girl should own one.
What is it?

Figured it out?

It is the Maybelline Hyperglossy liner in black.

Now go back and read the riddle, it should make sense.

So this is how the game works. I hope you are excited, because I am excited to get the riddles together.
I am planning to have two or three such posts in this month, so that means besides my giveaway winner, there will be more people who can win something. Speaking of giveaways, have you entered yet? Click here to enter.

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