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Pre Birthday MAC Haul

Sometime at the beginning of this year I had a MAC haul posted and that was a post birthday present. This time I am back with another MAC Haul and it is now a pre birthday haul. I think I should make buying MAC products a thing for my birthday  (Oh sister of mine, I hope you read this :P)
Speaking of my birthday, just 5 days to go!!!

So this time also my haul was sponsored by my darling sister. Well partly sponsored. I attended a MAC Techniques workshop some time ago and I had to get a 3500INR gift card for that, my sister sponsored that. I finally redeemed it for some products.

Here is what I bought.

I am sure some of you MAC experts out there can guess the eyeshadow shades.

I also got the Fix+ and an beautiful paintpot.

Well this is what all I bought!!

I am so excited!!

miss kays