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REVIEW: Cynthia Rowley Liquid Eyeliner in Brown Ink.

The advantages of having your best friend working in a cosmetic based company is that you get firangi brands at a discounted rate. I love her job!

Cynthia Rowley is a fashion designer who has been around for a while now. Her range of makeup is available in very few places and I managed to get a hold of this eye liner and a beautiful set of eye shadows at a discounted price.

Price: $18

The packaging is simply beautiful. The cardboard box that it came in is beautiful and the actual pen looks very fancy. The outer packaging has all the list of ingredients
Brown eyeliner is great for those times when you want a subtle eye liner. This a pen style eye liner which makes it very convenient to use. The tip can help you draw a really thin line. I like adding a flick. The liner is pigmented and you get a nice bold line of brown. You would have to swipe it twice to get a thick colour. It dries really quickly and dries matte. There is no flaking.

Now the flip side is that it doesn't wear for a long time. The inner corner just seem to disappear after about 2 hours. It isn't water proof or water resistant and you can easily wash it off by splashing your face with water. It is smudge proof but not rub proof. Rub your eyes a bit too much and it will come off.

What I like about this product:
Easy to use
Pigmented colour
Can make thin or thick lines
Easily removed with makeup remover

What I don't like about this product:
Not water proof and so it gets easily washed off
Not exactly smudge proof
Not easily available.

You can get a very precise line with this

The inner corner is gone after two hours

Full face makeup for work. More Details in another post

Overall I love the colour and the finish. I just wish it would last longer and was waterproof.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a dupe for this that is easily available in India? Leave your suggestions in the comments section below.

miss kays