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Winner of giveaway #3 + Tell me what you want to see on in 2015

Hey everyone so I am done with my exam and I am back!! I am hoping that with all the scheduled posts you didn't miss me too much. I know I know, it was like an overload of looks of the day, but that was the simplest to schedule. To give you guys a break from seeing my face the next few posts are not makeup looks or outfits. We are going to take a look at how the year went, my favourite blushes and lipsticks for the year, and how 2014 was for me and IshtyleAwhile. I have a form which I would love for you all to fill. It just takes about two minutes and I just want to know what kind of  posts you all loved reading on IshtyleAwhile and what posts you would like to see in 2015. Just two minutes guys, I promise.


The Nature's Co takes on the fight to prevent Dengue and Malaria

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The Nature's Co. Christmassy Beauty Wish Box

It's time to get your stoles and shawls out! We are giving away free stoles with our December BeautyWish Box - Christmassy Special. Book your Boxes tomorrow itself, as subscriptions end Monday night. Enjoy winters with our warm freebie and a luxurious pamper from our Christmassy Products. So, Chris Kid, we here, are so ready to be your Secret Santa. Book right away at : @ for just Rs. 595/-.

The Nature's Co. takes on the fight against Dengue & Malaria

With an aim to raise awareness and control the rising number of Dengue & Malaria cases across the country, The Nature's Co. does it all they can to prevent the spread of virus with their motto of "Sheild your Family!". With dengue wreaking havoc and malaria spreading like wild fire, on popular demand The Nature's Co. offers BUY 1 GET 1 FREE on their Citronella Insect Repellent Spray. The unique combination of Citronella, Lemongrass and Eucalyptus Oil formulated by the experts of TNC, makes it naturally very gentle on the skin and lets you enjoy a carefree outing, be it your morning - evening walks at the park or sending your children to the garden to play, or be it even your good night sleep, The Nature's Co. promises to take in charge to keep the unwanted guests (only the deadly insects, as this smells divine otherwise!) away.

Straight from the Founder of TNC, Natasha Shah, below are few precautions and tips on how you can avoid mosquitoes and insect bites and massively reduce the risk against your health and the discomfort of being bitten. 
  • Use insect repellents on exposed skin before you get bitten - not after!
  • Wear light coloured clothing during the day.
  • Avoid shady spots. Biting is less common in sunshine and brightly lit areas.
  • Avoid sheltered spots, a breeze will make it hard for mosquitoes, midges and many other insects to find you.
  • Avoid areas close to water and waterlogged grounds where insects hatch or breed.
  • Wear loose long sleeved tops and trousers to cover exposed skin on arms and legs, particularly at dawn and dusk when mosquitoes bite the most.
  • Repellent treated clothing provides extra protection.
  • Close mosquito screens and hang mosquito nets before dusk.
  • Use a mosqui-go, mosquito coils or insecticide spray to clear rooms of insects before you retire for the night.

She ends saying, "Travel confidently, enjoy your holiday, and keep the unnecessary at bay!"

miss kays


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Pamper yourself with some new launches this winter by The Nature's Co

Winter Love from TNC

The Nature's Co. spreads love with their new launches this Winters!


Giveaway #2 winners and I Spy #2 winner

My exam is in exactly 2 weeks so I will keep this really short and to the point.

Winners of the 2nd giveaway:

1st Prize: Saraswati Thakur

2nd Prize: Lynettee4

3rd Prize: Babelicious_ekta

Please send me your contact details is and mentions which prize you have won. Send and email to

Winner of I Spy #2

The correct answer was Maybelline Crazy for Coffee
and the winner is...


Send your contact details girl!!
I would like all winners to please note that I will be sending out the prizes only after the 21st of this month, So please be patient. 

Alright, I'm signing out now. There are posts scheduled till the 21st and there is another giveaway coming up around the 15th of this month so stay tuned for that!!

BTW thank you all for the sweet wishes on my birthday!!!

miss kays 2011 


I Spy #2 [CLOSED]

After the huge success of the first edition of I Spy, here is the second one.
In case you have no idea what I Spy is, check this out.

So here is the next riddle.

I Spy with my little eye hidden treasure,
A long forgotten budget beauty,
From the smoky eye to the nude face.
A peachy brown lippie for all eternity
Though it sounds like a hot beverage
Its performance is beyond average.
What is it?

Leave your name and guess in the comments section below. All comments will go into moderation so don't worry if you don't see your comments. I will approve all the comment after the contest is over. This is just ensure that there is no possibility of someone copying the answers (yes yes the teacher in me speaks)

This is open till midnight of 6th December 2014.

The winner will be randomly chosen from those who have the correct answer.
The correct answer and the winner will be announced on December 7th on the blog along with the giveaway #2 winners.
This is open only for Indian Residents.

As I have mentioned before the product I am talking about has been reviewed and featured on my blog so feel free to look around for the answer.

Happy guessing!

miss kays