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LOTD: That teacher look

I think I owe it to my job and my colleagues for making me fall in love with makeup. I started using makeup regularly only when I started working which was around the age of 24 and so I started blogging about it only a year or two later.

I love the identity that I created by wearing makeup. Not that I couldn't live without it. I just liked wearing it and dressing up for school. I liked being "that teacher"- the one always neatly dressed, the one with a sense of style, the one who made an effort to look her best and wasn't afraid to try new looks.

This is one look that I loved wearing to school. Not minimalistic in any way. I love it because it highlights my best feature- my eyes without taking away from glossy lips. It says " Look me in the eye when I talk to you mister"

So to break this down for you.

You all know what my base makeup is so I'll skip that and go directly to the rest of the makeup
For the eyes I have Lakme Absolute Kohl smudged out with the Faces Eyeshadow Trio in chocolate. (If you follow my blog, you will be able to sense a recurring theme here.) I am totally in love with the smudged kohl look. Mascara is the Lakme Eyeconic mascara. I must tell why I have never managed to review this mascara. The first time time I bought this mascara I managed to break the tube. Please don't ask how. I just managed to do that. This is the second tube and I am really worried I may break this as well.

For the cheeks I have used Elizabeth Arden bronzing powder in Golden for a slight sheen.
On my lips I have Lakme 9-5 lipstick in Rosy Sunday dabbed on and an Estee Lauder lipgloss.

"Tsk tsk children these days"

"Don't mess with me mister"

"Like seriously"

"You looking at me?"

"I think my hair is pretty"
"Aww thanks for saying I'm pretty"

Are you bored of the smudged kohl eyes look?? Let me know in the comments below.

Here is today's blooper picture.

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