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My Top Blushes for the year 2014 + Inventory

I know this is such a cliched statement- how time flies, but it is SOOOO true!! Feels like I just put down my papers in January before we went for a family holiday to Andaman. Now it is December and my birthday is over and my exam is over and I am wondering what to wear for New Years Eve. Where does the time go?

In terms of blogging I have had a wonderful year. I have managed to do some lovely collaboration posts, I started some new series and got quite a few outfit posts up. I even had some fun giveaways!!

To start the countdown to 2015 I thought I would round up my blushes and list out which ones I loved using over this year.

2014 was definitely the Year of the Blush for me. I collected so many! By July I think I had close to 23 blushes and bronzers and highlighters. Then by October I started to downsize and gave a few to my friends and had some up on a blog sale.

Here is what I have now.

5 cream and liquid blushes
5 powder blushes
1 Liquid bronzer
2 powder bronzers
4 powder highlighters

Okay when you write that down it is still a lot! Hopefully 2015 will see me Project Pan a lot more items and I will be able to downsize. (I just abruptly abandoned it this year)


Moving onto my favourite blushes for the year 2014

1) Lakme Blush in Honey Bunch. 
This blush is my go to blush. I wear it as a blush, as a bronzer, as a contour, sometimes as eyeshadow. It has just right amount of shimmer in it and I love it!! However I am most definitely going to put this into a Project Pan in 2015 and get through it.
click here, here and here to see some looks with this blush

Lakme blush in Honey Bunch

2) Maybelline Cheeky Glow in Creamy Cinnamon. 
Of the three shades, I like this the best. It works great for those days when you want a no makeup makeup look.
I have used this blush in this look here.
Maybelline Cheeky Glow in Creamy Cinnamon

3) NYX blush in Mocha.
I bought this in a blog sale some way half way during the year and when I want rosy cheeks, this is the blush I turn to. It lasts quite a while even on my oily skin.
Here is how the blush looks

NYX blush in Mocha

4) MUA blush in Yummy.
This is a cream blush that I bought on yet another blog sale and I usually wear this underneath the NYX blush in Mocha.
Click here to see how this blush looks.
MUA blush in Yummy

5) Colorbar Shimmerbrick in Coral Hint
I have shopped a lot of blog sales this year and made some amazing purchases. This was one of those amazing finds. The highlight this gives is simply superb.
I have used this highlighter here.

Colorbar Shimmerbrick in Coral Hint

6) Elizabeth Arden Bronzing Shimmer Powder in Golden.
Yes you guessed it right, another blog sale buy. Man I really got to stop shopping in blog sales.
Very true to its name, it gives subtle golden bronze shimmer look. Understated but gorgeous.
I have used this bronzer here.
Elizabeth Arden Bronzing Shinner Powder in Golden

I just realised that I don't have reviews on most of these blushes, so yes reviews to follow soon.

So what have been your blush favourites this year?

miss kays


P.S I would love to hear from you guys. Tell me what you think about IshtyleAwhile and what you would like to see in 2015 from me. Click here.