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OOTD: Easy Breezy Purple palazzo pants

Purple pants. I never thought I would wear purple pants. My friends never thought I would wear purple pants. But hey, I think I rocked the look okay. And oh, oh. these pants are so comfortable!!! So soft and breezy. I just loved it. I went shopping with my girlfriends to buy some stuff from MAC for my birthday, and this outfit was just perfect for just chilling out.

I bought the pants from Myntra. It was my first time shopping with Myntra and I am happy with the quality of the material. I haven't washed it yet so I am not sure how long it will last.

I paired it with a white tee shirt and accessorised with some simple earrings and a pendant set. This was a gift from a friend and it is made of glass. This was made in Boston by Brian Dugar. Isn't it just a beauty??

The makeup breakdown.

Foundations and concealer- MAC
Mascara- L'Oreal Million mascara
Kajal- Lakme Absolute Kohl+ MAC dark edge eyeshadow used to smudge the kohl
Blush- NYX in Mocha
Lipstick- Streetwear lipstick in Pink Persuasion.
Lipgloss- Avon lip gloss in Perpetual Pink

How do I look in purple?? Would you wear purple pants? Let me know in the comments below.

miss kays



  1. you are looking lovely and purple looks good on you..!! :* :) :*

  2. Hey Srish. I saw your comment. Thank you so much. I have a problem with the commenting system if someone comments outside of commetnluv so the comment disappeared. And yes it is the same brand. So comfortable!!

  3. Hey Heer!! Thank you for your lovely comment dear. I saw it, but having some issues in publishing it..

    1. No Problem dear, I am happy you read mine :D

  4. Looks awesome! Now I can even go for palazzo ! Always had confusion about it but you helped a lot!
    Thank you so much! You look pretty :) :*

  5. I just saw these pants from Myntra the other day and have added to my wishlist.. it looks really nice and I am going to get one for me now :-)