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The Nature's Co. "Freedom to Shop" FLAT 50% off - One day to go!

As our nation did celebrate the spirit of Republic Day on the 26th of January, The Nature's Co. celebrates the Indian pride with a special offer for all its patrons to mark the momentous occasion and prolong the feeling of patriotism in every heart. Ongoing till the 28th of January, The Nature's Co. gives you "Freedom to Shop" with a FLAT 50% off across their luxurious range of natural, vegan and PETA certified, bath, wellness and body care products.

Sense this fervour of freedom, now from anywhere, your home, office, or even on your handphones while your on the go, by simply logging on to and availing this exclusive limited period offer.

Adding to the vehemence, a good news for Bangalore and Pheonix MarketCity shoppers. They can be a part of the celebrations in our flagship store, with an upto 25% discount on the racks!

Venue: Unit G-08, Ground Floor, Pheonix MarketCity, Bangalore.
Instagram: @thenaturesco

What are you guys waiting for? Go and shop soon!!1

miss kays


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The Fancy Products in my makeup collection

We all  have some possessions that just prized. When it comes to makeup, the most prized possessions are the ones that generally cost the most, or well, some times it is something that we have just been dying to get.
I am going to show you the products in my collection that are either from high end luxury brands, or that are much sought after.


The Nature's Co. February Beauty Wish Box now Live!

This February, it's all about love! 
The Nature's Co. announces their limited edition "Pure Seduction" BeautyWish Box.


Lets look back: How was 2014 for me

I think always find it fascinating to look back at a year gone by. I know many people say you should only look forward to the future, but hey, the past defines you as well. The decisions you have taken in the past definitely affect your present and future to some extent. Taking a walk down memory lane can help you to take wiser decisions now, and more importantly show you how much you have grown. Looking back at 2014, this how my year went- blog and otherwise

Jan 2014: I put down my papers and started to serve my notice period.

Feb 2014: saw me do a variety of different posts, I had a Corallista inspired look, some reviews and and some LOTDs. Graduation day was a bit emotional for me because I felt like I was graduating again 10 years later.

May 2014: April 30th was my last working day officially and from May1st I was s free bird.
I really pushed myself to work hard on the blog and I had a 30 posts in that one month. That is a whopping number! All the clicking pictures and compiling and editing was so worth it. My audience started to grow.

July 2014: I started a new series called Avatar and it has really made me to look at different ways to wear different pieces of clothing. Something that I have been doing ever since.

Sept 2014: I wore different styles of saris for each day of Navrathri and it was so much fun. There was a lot of work that went into putting together each look, but everyone loved it!! It really brought out the true meaning of Ishtyle Awhile
I also had the opportunity to attend ZA Beauty School which was a one day workshop on skincare.

Oct 2014: www.ishtyleawhile.blogspot became This was a huge step for me and I am so happy that I took that plunge. My blog has been taken so much more seriously and I have taken the blog a lot more seriously as well.
I also had some guests posts on my blog in October and I started writing for The Metro Beauty,
I hosted my first ever sponsored giveaway which was an Instagram giveaway.
I also attended a MAC techniques workshop. October was one busy month.

Nov 2014: I had a series of giveaways and one was sponsored by a Singapore based shop called The Dancing Jewels. I started a new series called I Spy. Basically November was all about celebrations.

Dec 2014: I did a whole bunch of LOTDs. I actually managed to schedule posts for the entire December way in advance. That is something I was really proud of.
I got interviewed for Smart Indian Women.
On a personal note I wrote the CSIR NET for Lectureship and am now awaiting the results.

All in all 2014 was a very successful year for IshtyleAwhile and for me.

What does 2015 hold? It holds the promise of change.
I will writing exams in May. This will be for MA literature so there is  a lot of reading for that which needs to happen.
I will continue writing for The Metro Beauty.
And IshtyleAwhile will continue to grow into a one stop destination for the average Indian woman who is trying to find her way int his fashion crazy world,  because I believe that style is what you make of it.

How was 2014 for all of you?

miss kays


P.S. I start a new job from today. Part time teacher at a school :) 


Liebster Award- IshtyleAwhile


2015 is here!!

Here is wishing all my readers a very very Happy New Year!!!
Cheers to good health, lots of tasty food, loads of shopping and a fantastic year ahead!!

with tons of love