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Liebster Award- IshtyleAwhile

Mily!! Thank you so much. There is nothing better than getting some sort of recognition for all the work you put in and Mily of Pinkrimage just nominated me for the Liebster Award.
The Liebster Award is something I have seen on other blogs and read about and now I have been nominated for one! What a lovely way to start the year!!

What is this award?

In simple terms, the Liebster Award is to help discover new blogs, kind of a tag that you pass on and help your readers to start following blogs that you like. Preferably help newbie bloggers to get some audience.

The rules are pretty simple.

  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Answer the questions that the person who nominated you has asked.
  • Make a list of your own questions
  • Nominate other bloggers for this award.

 There are many modified versions of the rules and I got a bit confused while trying to find the official rules, so I'll just stick to what I have been tagged in.

Here is what Mily asked me.

1) Your favorite skincare product is?
besan flour. Nothing like natural ingredients for a crazy sensitive skin like mine.
2) At what age did you start using makeup?
24! yes yes I know that is late. I started wearing makeup on a daily basis only after I started working.
3) Are you an eye or a lip person?
Definitely eye makeup. As a dancer we are taught to talk with our eyes and so naturally I tend to highlight it.
4) The last beauty product you bought?
Sleek eye primer palette :D
5) Do you follow any form of exercise routine?
Dance was my exercise routine cum stress buster cum my favourite thing in the whole world. But well haven't been able to dance in a while and so I have started doing yoga now.
6) Are you an avid reader?
I was. Hence the huge glasses. Now I just try to read as and when possible. Currently I love Devadutt patanaik books.
7) One life mantra you think makes sense in the present world or you live by it!
Pray not for an easy life but to be strong.
You learn something new every day. These are what I believe in
8) Do you play any instrument?
A bit of the veena and a bit of recorder (it is a wind instrument)
9) Are you a pet person? cat or dog?
Terrified of both. So no, not a pet person
10) Your favorite movie ever?
National treasure. I can watch it again and again and again, Oh wait! I have watched it again and again and again :D

Of course I pass the tag on. So here are my questions.

1) Colored eyeliner or red lipstick? How would you rather change up your makeup look? 
2) Define your style in 3 words.
3) Vanilla ice cream or Chocolate ice cream?
4) What is currently on your nails?
5) Do you follow fashion trends closely?
6) Beach holiday or adventure sports?
7) What was your favourite subject in school?
8) Scarves or footwear? Which do you shop for more?
9) What is your favourite drugstore brand for makeup?
10) Would you rather have white hair or wrinkles?

Here are the people I nominate

5) Sri
6) Ruhi
9) Anisha, Bidisha and Satarupa


I hope you all liked reading my answers. Now go and check out the other blogs.

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