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OOTD: Teach in Peach

I just recently got back to a temporary teaching job, which means I am back to wearing saris. I love wearing saris and I am taking more of an effort to get dressed so I can do more OOTDs for all you sari lovers out there. The new job is also the reason why I have been missing on Instagram and not blogged frequently.

This blouse was not part of the sari. I bought the material separately and the beads and got it stitched. Now normally this is a colour that I would be very hesitant to wear because, well, maintaining light colours isn't easy. I am chemistry teacher, so lab work can get kinda messy and I prefer wearing slightly old, dark coloured saris. Today however, I didn't have lab, and it was a bright sunny day, seemed like the perfect day to go in peach.

As the blouse has beads lining the back, the neckline, and the arms, I decided to skip a pearl necklace and wear only pearl earrings and a bracelet. Nothing says elegance better than pearl right?

Keeping with the pearl theme, I used an eyeshadow that was a peachy colour with a sheen, and lined my lids with a brown liner. Very neutral makeup for the face.

Please excuse my crappy hair. I didn't have time to take pictures before work, so I took it after coming back from school and this is how my hair looks at the end of class. Yes my students make me wanna pull my hair out at times.
The makeup is also a bit dull. I know you can see my under eye circles. I will do a separate post on this look and I will attempt a tutorial for the eye makeup. Lots of you have given me feedback that you would like to see only eye makeup posts. I am working towards that.

I did touch up the lipstick and powder my face again so I don't look too blah. 

So.. How do you like this sari? Do you think I could have gone for the pearl necklace or would that have been too much? Let me know in the comments.

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