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If I could have a Ball Gown Wedding Dress

" You may now kiss the bride". Every time this has been said in a movie, I am too busy wondering what I would wear if I could get married in a white gown. I am Tamil brahmin, so the chances of that actually happening is close to nil, but hey, a girl can dream right.


Monthly Favourites: January 2015

The Nature's Co "Women's Day" Special BeautyWish Box - Wear Your Attitude

The Nature's Co. International Women's Day dedication
"Wear your Attitude" BeautyWish Box


Find her the best gift this Valentine's

Valentine's Day is tomorrow and I am sure there are quite a few boys/ men out there who are feeling the pressure of having to get a gift for their special someone.

I understand that Valentine's Day is one crazy day. The girls have no idea of what to wear when they are going on the date, and the poor guy is left wondering what would make for a good gift to get for his girlfriend. Not that the pressure eases when the couple is married. I have married friends who keep asking me what they should get for their wife.

Personally I am right now in a dress phase. I used to wear a lot of frocks as a girl. I was a very girly girl, still am. But as I grew up I started wearing a lot more indian wear. Then I bought a dress for my birthday (in the end I never wore that) and ever since then I have been wanting to buy more and more dresses. Anyway getting back to the point, for the girls out there, here are some options for dresses to wear on your date, and you guys out there, go ahead and surprise your girl this year by gifting her an awesome dress! (Make sure you find out her size first)


Watch Fest on

Hey everyone! Finally the Board Practical exam is over and I am back!! I know I know. I sound like I am writing the boards. The relief I feel when my students are done with their chemistry practical exam is like no other. Sometimes the tension is like I am writing the exam 34 times (34 is the number of students I had this year). Well I have a series of cool posts coming up so stay tuned.

Lets start with one of my favourite online shopping sites,

They have a Watch Fest going right now up until Feb 15th. Who doesn't love watches right? I mean they have now become more of a fashion statement/ accessory and not just to see the time any more. I own quite a few watches actually and it is still never enough.