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If I could have a Ball Gown Wedding Dress

" You may now kiss the bride". Every time this has been said in a movie, I am too busy wondering what I would wear if I could get married in a white gown. I am Tamil brahmin, so the chances of that actually happening is close to nil, but hey, a girl can dream right. specialises in wedding dresses and the Ball Gown Wedding dresses just caught my eye. There is just something about a long flowy gown that makes me feel like a princess. I love lace detailing on dresses, I think it just adds something extra to the whole attire.

The makeup I would choose would be for a very subtle smoky eye and a peachy lip. I would have a spring end wedding, just before it gets into summer. I would want an outdoor wedding with my color theme being peach and cream.

Well in terms of dresses, here are my top picks

Option 1: Bride and Prejudice

For that Pride and Prejudice look. this gown would be perfect. The full sleeves in lace, the band at the waist, and the huge bow at the back, this gown would look amazing for a themed wedding.

Option 2: I am your Sweetheart

Tulle like skirts are the rage. Make the tulle in white and it becomes this gorgeous ball gown dress. A pair of pink peach heels, to match the peach lipstick, soft curls to frame the face and your husband-to-be will never forget the way you looked on the wedding day.

Option 3: Minimal Me

The minimialistic look is another one that I love. A simple white gown with a corset like lace detail. I love it!! The hair can either be sleek and let down or tied up in a simple top knot. For the makeup keep it elegant with just a blush, loads of mascara and a cream finish lipstick.

*sigh* some dreams will be but dreams.

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What would your dream ball gown wedding dress look like ladies? Do share your thoughts in the comments below.

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