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Monthly Favourites: January 2015

I really debated a lot on whether I should do a favourites this month or not because I thought I didn't have too many. Then when I started listing them I thought that these products are worth a mention, and so here they are. I know this is getting published towards the end of February, but I am probably not going to a February favourites because I am using many of the same products still.

1) NYX Blush in Mocha-
I think this blush has featured on my favourites list for too many months now. It is really time for a review. Somehow it is just perfect for every season and for most skin tones. I recently used this on two of my friends, one slightly more dusky than me and the other much more fair than me. It looked amazing on them as well.

2) Maybelline The Jewels Lipstick in Berry Brilliant-
I have attended 3 Graduation Days, and 2 weddings in the past month and this has my been my go too lipstick. I have just been so attracted towards pink this month!!

3) Coastal Scents Revealed 2 palette-
If you follow my blog and follow me on Instagram there is no way you could missed seeing this baby. I mean I have been obsessed with it. OBSESSED I tell you. I wear it every day, I wear it to weddings, I wear it for graduation days, I wear it a lot. Period.

4) L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara-
This is a beautiful mascara and I remember the first time I bought this, I picked it up only because it was on discount. However after I used, the price seemed to be insignificant to me. I picked this up again after a really long time. It has been my go to mascara for the weddings and graduation days.

5) Caprese Bag
I bought this on sale at Reliance Footprint because the Lavie bag that I had before just died.
Warning: The pictures of my dead Lavie bad is pretty graphic. People with a weak heart, please skip these pictures and scroll below.

I have no idea how this manage to happen. I mean I have never seen a bag look like it was acid attacked! I've not even used this bag so much. I mean it kept it for like special occasions. Has anyone else had a problem like this before? Is the quality of Lavie bags so terrible? Let me know in the comments section.

Well this is my new bag, and I love except for two small defects.

The finishing isn't perfect here.

The bag is already starting to get frayed when I hang it on my bike. But how am I supposed to take the bag and go on the bike without hanging it??

Other than it is an amazing BIG bag and for a person like me who carries their world with them, it is perfect.

I already some products on a favourite list for February, but let this month get over first. I have to get through the Board exams without all my hair falling off. Then we shall talk about February favourites.

SO what have been your favourites in January?

miss kays