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My experience at the ASUS Indiblogger meet at Bangalore 2015.

AMAZING! I think that one word sums up what my first ever Indiblogger meet was like. The venue chosen was ITC Gardenia which is a really pretty place. Right from the security at the gate, till the people who served dinner, the staff are so pleasant and helpful.

Of course I ended up going late because I had to go for graduation day at the school where I am currently working part time. (Post on the makeup I did will be up soon). Since I was attending an Indiblogger meet for the very first time, I went without knowing what to expect. When I walked in, the tables were already full and I sat along with a bunch of others who were also table-less. (This ended up being our group name).

We started by playing a small game where we had to collect personal belongings from others and get to know them. I gave away a lot of my hair pins and collected a lot of blog urls, and lets not forget the signatures on my arm. (I didn't have a shirt or t-shirt to make them sign or I would have done that).

Then came the highlight of the evening- the introduction to the ASUS EeeBook X205. Since I am a tech illiterate person, this was the part of the evening where I felt like a typical back bencher at school, zoned out and distracted by the company next to me AKA Vamshi. What I can say about the ASUS EeeBook 205 is that it is really slim and kind of cute (yes yes I know cute isn't a word used to describe gadgets). Lets get back to my evening shall we?

The last part of the evening involved us being split into teams (being the table-less group of people we naturally gravitated towards each other) and we had to promote blogging via a skit or MAD Ads style. Our theme was old Bollywood movies and with Prithvi as an able group leader and Salma as the heroine (oops I don't know the name of the others who were the main characters) we were able to pull off a fairly funny skit on blogging.
TheTable-less team in planning session.

The evening ended with some good food, a lot of laughs, great company and bunch of pictures. All in all I loved the meet.

What I noticed was the energy level in the room never dropped. I have never hung out with a group of bloggers and I could see that there was no shyness. Everyone spoke like they knew everyone else. (maybe they did). There was no dearth of creativity or lack of enthusiasm. Everyone wanted to be a part and it just felt like everyone was in sync. This is something that I have never seen before in a group so big. There is usually a few people who stand out in a group and the rest are pretty much invisible. I guess bloggers are a different breed of people. They make themselves stand out.They make themselves heard. I am proud to be a blogger!

Now I am fully recharged, inspired and awaiting the next meet.

Thank you Indiblogger for this meet!!

miss kays


P.S was kinda hoping to get a tee shirt from Indiblogger. Hopefully next time.