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OOTD: Making stripes look girly.

I have never done a Valentine's day post on my blog. No outfit, no makeup look, nothing, I don't know why I just never paid attention to it. So in an attempt to do something new I am putting a post with an outfit for a date on Valentine's day which would work for a day time date, or if you are like me and going out on a date with your best friend's sister, then this would work. Yes yes I know you are wondering why the hell am I meeting my best friend's sister and not my best friend, it is because she is not in the country, and her sister is also my friend.

I bought this tee shirt from Myntra some time ago and I love stripes. There was one point where my wardrobe had only striped tee shirts (that was before I gained flab). Added to the stripes, it has three fourth sleeves and a puff sleeve. It is like my dream tee shirt!! So so versatile. The tee shirt on its own is actually pretty girly. 

I wasn't ready for this photo, so I look a bit lost.

To keep warm I added the sleeveless jacket and to make it all pretty, I chose a chain (flicked from my sister's collection), that very aptly says L'amour. My earrings are a combination of gold and white colour gold in a heart shape. I also wore a bracelet and ring that I got in my Zotiqq subscription box for December .

My footwear has bows on it!! Isn't it so so cute??

The makeup was minimal with a pop of pink on my lips, pink cheeks (that never shows in the pictures), a coat of mascara with some cream eyeshadow on my lids. I wore a tinted moisturiser for the base with concealer and compact.

So how did you guys like this outfit? What are you wearing for Valentine's day?

Here is a picture with my daddy, my knight in shining armour. Always.

Happy Valentine's Day to all my readers

miss kays