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What I got in my January 2015 Fabbag.

The last time, or rather the first time I bought Fabbag was in August 2014. I liked what I got but I wanted to review the products before I went for the next Fabbag, but, ummm, I never got around to really doing that. (#epicfail)
Then I saw the reviews of the January Fabbag and I had to have it. It has the Seasoul Dead Sea facial mud mask and I really wanted to use that, so I have now subscribed for 3 months. I received the January bag on 4th Feb, which incidentally was a terrible day at work for me and this totally cheered me up. (I know I know that I quite late in posting this, but exams just threw my blog schedule off track. I mean my students exams)

First thing I saw was the pink mask. Now someone better throw a masked ball, so I can use this.

There are 4 products in this bag, and pretty expensive ones.

LAQA and Co Fat lip pencil in Siren song-
Incidentally I had just featured two pencils from this line in my fancy products post. I got those from US and I think both together cost less than this one. 800INR for this full size product.

Bioderma Sebium Gel Moussant facewash. 
As a beauty blogger this is a brand that I have heard so many bloggers praise. I finally get to try it and see what the hullabaloo is about. 200ml costs a whopping 1299INR. 

Splurge daily Moisturiser with sun protection
Sun protection is very important and must be used every day, says the beauty blogger in me. Reality- I run out of the house before I can remember that the sun is up. This moisturiser seems to be covering that aspect as well.
100ml is 420INR. That is a splurge indeed.

Seasoul Dead Sea Facial Mud Mask
The reason for me subscribing to Fabbag again was this product. I can't wait to try this. Once the Board practical exam to gets over, then I can relax and maybe do a at-home spa session.
50ml is 995INR.

Uff.. this is one expensive Fabbag but it fits the theme of Beauty Unmasked very well.

I really hope the products live upto the expectations. While I await the February bag, I will be testing these products.

miss kays