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A huge haul + A makeup swap

At the start of 2015 I thought that I would go on a no buy, meaning I would not buy any makeup this year. Ahem.. well.. I guess it is safe to say that that didn't really work out that way. However I will say that a lot of my buys have been skin care so far. I have restricted the makeup to fewer products and I am happy about that.

This is all the stuff that has been added to my collection since the start of 2015.

Amway products
I know a lady who deal with Amway products and well after I finished up the ZA facewash that I was using, I wanted to start a new skin care routine and I picked up the balancing line from the Amway products. I got a face cleanser kit free.

Blog sale stuff:
I picked up a Sleek Blush and 2 lip pencils from a blog sale. Yes I know I have this ability to pick up some amazing stuff from Blog sales. You can check out previous blog sale hauls here.
From Nykaa I picked up on Skincare products- an under eye cream, a face mask and a face scrub. I also bought the famed Tangle Teezer.

Health and Glow.
Everyone who reads IshtyleAwhile knows that I shop the most at Health and Glow. Well I went hunting there for the L'Oreal Star collection lipstick and I was disappointed a few places but then I found a Health and Glow that had it. So while I picked up the red lipstick I also went for the new mascara and eyeliner from Maybelline. It isn't even open yet! I am waiting for finish two mascaras that are open before I get to this.

The Makeup Swap

Okay so this is the best thing has happened to me in the past few months. You guys know Neha right? She has recently started writing for IshtyleAwhile and well before she started writing for IshtyleAwhile we met on Instagram. We both commented on someone's picture and that's how we started talking. We both live in Bangalore and we've both been wanting to do a makeup swap with someone. What is this makeup swap? Well we picked out stuff from our collection that we are either bored of or it just doesn't suit us and we decided to give to someone else. Instead of a blog sale, which has the hassle of shipping stuff, we met up and exchanged products. We made sure we sanitized the all the makeup that we were exchanging. Then we found a coffee shop that was convenient for both of us and had an amazing evening of food, general chit chat and of course a lot of ooohing and aaahhing at the products.

This is what all Neha gave me.

Yes yes all in all I have a ton of new stuff and I need to get on with some reviews. Neha has been sending me reviews of the products that I gave her and you will see those up on the blog soon.

Have you ever done a makeup swap? Let us know in the comments

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