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BANGLES: Your perfect embellishment

Bangle stores have always fascinated me. The rows and rows of colours lined up on the wall. Every shade of pink, blue, green, red, that you could possibly imagine can be found in these stores. There are so many varieties of bangles- glass, metal, gold covered, with stones. Man, selecting the right bangles can sometimes be overwhelming.

I have a huge collection of bangles that have been passed down from my grandmother. From everything that my grandmother gave me there is a gold plated blue stone bangle that is my favourite. Some of the stones have fallen out, but I have it still because, well, it was my grandma's.

Then there are the glass bangles. I seem to buy atleast 3 times the number that I manage to break.

Here I have some bangles that I think would look appropriate for different occasions

Choice 1: The pearly choice
Pearls= elegance. Pearl bangles are the perfect choice for every occasion. I love wearing pearl bangles to work because it adds to much of beauty to the sari or salwar. I think pearl bangles work with any outfit for any occasion. Suitable for all types of arms and all wrist sizes.

Choice 2: The Only choice

When you want only one piece of accessory, this is the bangle to go for. It adds the oomph to any outfit and looks best with sleeveless salwars. Perfect choice for those lazy people who have no interest in hunting for different pieces to accessorize an outfit. However if you have very thin arms and very small wrists, skip this type of bangle. It will make your arm look even slimmer which you don't want.

Choice 3: The Colour choice

For that pop of colour, make sure your bangle matches only one of the colours on your salwar suit. That way you can highlight that colour. Having bangles in different colours can help to accessorise one outfit in different ways, because each time you would be bringing a new colour to the foreground by highlighting it. Stock up on these in various colours and patterns. You will never run out of ideas to accessorize with.

Choice 4: The Filigree choice

Fusion clothes are the rage, and this is a style that is here to stay. For outfits that have the best of western and ethnic wear, it is best to pair them with these bangles with some filigree type of work. It keeps in with the fusion mode and completes the ensemble.

Bangles are definitely my favourite embellishment. It is my go-to accessory. I am usually never without a bangle adorning my wrist. Even now as I type this post sitting in my PJs, I have a simple gold bangle on.

What is your go-to accessory?? Let me know in the comments below.

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