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#DearMe- A letter to 16 year old me.

Dear 16 year old Krupa

I know you can't wait to grow up and be an adult. If only you knew the trials and obstacles that you would face 13 years later. Life doesn't get easier. You become stronger.

You are a bundle of emotions. That doesn't change. You continue to grow into a person who thinks more with her heart than her head. This does get her into a lot of trouble in her profession and it does cause a lot of heart break, but people love you all the more for it.

I know you are worried that you aren't popular. You are pretty much teased every day by the kids in your class who think they are too cool, but hey, things do change. You grow into a beautiful woman who is respected and loved by her students.

Did I say students? Yes you grow up to become a teacher. Okay if that isn't surprising enough, you teach chemistry. I know I know. You currently hate chemistry and you are praying that you pass in it in the Board exam. College changes everything for you.

College is the start of the best part of your life and it goes on for a while. You come out of your shell and you are no longer this invisible person. The entire college gets to know who you are. You make your mark in college and it changes you as a person. You are on the dance team, the basketball team, editor of the magazine, choreographer. Girl, you do a hell of a lot of things in college.

The confidence you gain at college is yours to keep for life. College shows you that you are capable of a lot more than what you realised. Yes, remember how every teacher in school always told you that you had "potential", well college is where you discover that for yourself.

Once you start working as a teacher, you realise that in a strange way you are now the most popular coolest awesomest person. None of your students can believe that you were ever silent or invisible. They love you and want to grow up to become you. Yes, you manage to inspire people. So don't lose hope. Don't lose faith. Most importantly don't stop writing. 

Writing is what gets you through the worst times and best times. You have no idea yet, but writing is something that starts a new career for you. A beauty blog. You would have never thought that you would do anything besides dancing, right? Well guess what, you manage to continue to dance for many many years, so don't worry about growing into some fat aunty who can only say "I used to dance as a child." Truth be told, even as you get closer to the aunty age, you dance better than your 16 year old self.

Being 16 is hard, no doubt, but who said life was easy?? You learn to take it all in your stride and say to yourself "This too shall pass". Trust me. It does.

Hang in there girl. The best is yet to come.


Present Day Krupa

P.S. There is this campaign in YouTube going on called #DearMe and a lot of YouTubers are making videos addressed to their 16 year old self. That is what inspired me to do this post.