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REVIEW: Sally Hansen Maximum Nail Growth Plus Nourishing nail colour in Tender Mulberry

It is raining in Bangalore. The summer showers are here early. Well I love the summer showers, they are just so refreshing. Plus it is March, which means summer holidays will be here soon and as a teacher it is definitely what I look forward to. However this year I don't get much of chilling time. There are literally back to back weddings lined up and I have to spend March getting ready for all the weddings to come.

Price 475INR

This Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Plus Nourishing nail colour in Tender Mulberry came in my February Fabbag and well it was on my nails the very next day after I received it. A very pretty peachy brown colour. I think it can pass for Marsala, which is the Pantone colour of the year. It does have a very slight reddish undertone in some lighting. Well I love this colour. I think it makes my fingers look very elegant. I wouldn't really describe it as a young colour. I think this would definitely look better on more mature hands. 

The brush handle is loooong! I just feel it is longer than any other nail polish brush handle I have used. It is very easy to use and the application is pretty streak free, unless of course you are like me and impatient to apply the second coat. It doesn't dry super fast, so yes you do have wait for a bit in between coats. Also the formula of the nail paint is a bit runny.

The colour looks gorgeous with one application but it chips very easily with just one coat. In fact even with two coats I find that the tip wears off in about 2-3 days. Maybe it is because I do a lot of lab work and wash my hands a lot. As a teacher I wash my hands after I use chalk so that's pretty much after every class. There is also the possibility that since I don't use a top coat there is tip wear or maybe I need to redo the tips again after applying the coat so that it lasts longer. 

The pictures you see are day 2 of application, so there is some tip wear. The shine of the nail colour hasn't been lost and this is without a top coat.

It says that the nail polish is enriched with Vitamins A, C and E and also Soy protein that are supposed to promote nail growth by nourishing the nail, but I haven't seen any major difference in my nail growth in the last 2 times that I have worn this.

What I like about the product:

  • The colour
  • Easy to apply
  • Streak free

What I don't like about this product:

  • I have tip wear very soon.
  • Very runny formula, requires patience to work with.
  • The price. If this hadn't come in my Fabbag, I probably would not have picked it up.

Overall thanks to Fabbag, I get to try products I wouldn't normally pick up.

What shade did you get in your Fabbag?

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