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Styling with Jewels by Naomi

Who likes accessories? Hands up. I love them. Especially earrings. One day my mother counted the number of earrings that I own and I think it came to about 70 pairs. *smiles sheepishly* I have downsized now, but I am not going to be counting the pairs of earrings for a while.

Given my addiction for earrings and jewelry in general, when I came across this cute page on Instagram called Jewels by Naomi, I spent some time just looking at the really pretty collection. I love that a lot of what they have is ethnic but with a bit of a modern twist. 

About Jewels by Naomi. 
Jewels by Naomi is by Naomi Ganzu. Well if you have no idea who that is, she is a fellow blogger and her blog is called Diva Mode.

They have a Facebook page as well but I rarely look at FB. They describe their collection as 'affordable fashion' and in comparison to a lot of other online jewelry sites that I have seen, this is priced better. 

The pieces are designed by them and so many of the items are very unique and different from others.

They have what is called as Sunday Steals, where every Sunday, they have a few pieces on sale and that is how I picked up the two beauties that you shall see in a bit.

How to order?
Whatsapp! They have very pleasant customer service. So polite and patient. Very willing to help you to choose what you want.

Payment mode.
As of now they have NEFT transfer, and they will soon have COD available which makes it very convenient. 
The shipping cost is 100INR for purchases below 1000INR.

My experience.
Like I mentioned before I loved the fact that the service was so pleasant when I contacted them over Whatsapp regarding the pieces I wanted to buy.
They were very prompt with sending the parcel and it came very well packaged with a cute hand written note. 

About the products

The earrings were kind of bigger than I expected. I have a pretty long face, so big earrings don't look terrible on me, but if it is someone like my sister who has a smaller face, then they would need to be more cautious about what they are buying. 

The quality is good. I have sensitive ears and so I can't wear a lot of junk jewellery. Both the pieces are sturdy and made of good quality metal. I have bought earrings in the past that have turned out to be really flimsy or have turned black within a month. I will definitely let you guys know if I have any issues with these pieces in the long run. 

What I bought.

For me the peacock shape and the colours of the peacock is something that has always fascinated me. I remember how one of my favourite salwars was a double colour silk cotton one with blue and green tones. It even had a peacock print on it. Oh man, I loved that salwar and I was so sad when I no longer fit in it. Even now, I tend to gravitate towards saris, salwars with a blue green tone. Naturally the first pair of earrings that caught my sight were the peacock shaped ones.
Cost 400INR

Jhimkis/ Jhumkas are another design that I love. As a child I would wait for festivals to come so that my mother would let me wear this pair of small gold jhimkis. As I grow older, I got myself a pair in gold covering for dance performances. Now I have quite a few jhimkis in white metal, a pair with some small white stones set in gold plating, but I didn't have anything with coloured stones. So the second pair that I picked up was a small pinkish purple stone in it and set with pearls.
Cost 400INR

Wish list
I have a few pieces on my wish list that I just had to mention in the hope that some one will get them for me. I am assuming that the people who have to take the hint, will take the hint *wink wink*

This colour is just stunning.

I can't stop looking at this. My oh my!
Do check out the Facebook page for Jewels By Naomi or follow them on Instagram.

Which pair do you like better?

miss kays


P.S this is NOT a sponsored post. I paid for both the pairs of earrings.