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Leave Letter

Dear Readers,
It is wedding season, and as a bridesmaid/ maid of honour, I am expected to be there at all the weddings over the next two weeks. Normally I would schedule posts so that you all don't miss me too much when I am on leave, but having just started a new job + wedding preparations (I doubt I will be doing so much of prep even for my own wedding) I haven't had time to put together quality content. So there will probably be no posts till the first week of May, after which I promise I will be back with a bang.
Please don't go away. Well even if you do, make sure you subscribe to Ishtyleawhile by email so that you will get notifications as soon as I am back with posts. Follow me on Instagram / Twitter so that you can see all the wedding shenanigans. The handle is @IshtyleAwhile and I will be using the hashtag #IA27dresses. (If you get the meaning behind the hashtag, let me know in the comments section below)

Love you all

P.S have you noticed I seem to sign off with my name only when I am writing these kind of letters to to you guys. 


Some combinations are #TwiceAsNice

Harine: You enter into a grocery store with just bread in mind to be bought, but the minute you take your cart and begin to wander, your gaze falls on several other items too - You do not stop with just bread, the butter always goes hand in hand. Imagine munching only the bread at midnight or having a bread toast with some butter on !! Sounds interesting right …

Krupa: You are making me hungry Harine. For me, when I see a multipurpose product like a foundation with SPF, I stop and I buy it.

Harine: This explains the POWER of TWO - it does not end with just the bread and butter but it goes a long way and you can find it in every element in this world.

Krupa: Hey !! Stop Stop.. Why are you being so philosophical?

Harine: I was trying to explain to you the Power of Two in our lives and also give a good intro to our article.

Krupa: Well lets introduce ourselves first. My name is Krupa and I blog at Like the name suggests, my blog is about my personal style, and my adventures with makeup.

Harine: I am Harine ( Ha - Ri - Ni )- thats how its pronounced !! and I blog at . Not only is my spelling CRAZY but I am also crazy about cosmetics, traveling & fashion accessories and crazyforcosmetics is where I scribble my thoughts. Why are we the best #TWICEASNICE combo Krupa  ??

Krupa: Well with your amazing picture taking skills (don’t forget to admire Harine’s handiwork on the pictures) and my ability to just chatter away on a topic (though I admit that most of this article content was created by Harine), it is no wonder that this article is going to be #TwiceAsNice as any other. We go hand in hand just like an eyeliner and a mascara. (Such a beauty blogger I am. I can’t even stay away from a makeup reference)

Harine: Wow thats a magical Pair Krupa. These products go hand in hand and make your eyes bright anytime !! An eyeliner and a mascara compliment each other so well that if you step out even without one of them, you feel incomplete.


Why Pendant Set jewellery is an ideal gift.

The other day I was doing some rearranging of my accessories (I do this more often than I like to talk about) and the reason I was doing this is because I wanted to check if I needed to buy anything more for the upcoming wedding season. I have three weddings to attend over three months and I have a lot of outfits to get ready for that.
While I was doing the reorganizing I realised that I have a lot of pendant and earring sets and I love those for Indian wear. The thing about pendant sets is that since you have earrings and a necklace together, you don't have to go around hunting to match the necklace with the earrings. I find that so cumbersome especially when I have rush out for a wedding (I am always last one on the family to get ready to go out). Having them together as set, saves so much of time.


AVATAR #4: The Blue Tie and Dye Dress

The Nature's Co Updates: Hello April

TNC brings in this season with a myriad of impelling offers!

Here it is... April at The Nature's Co.!  With the onset of spring and summer on the horizon, there is something about this season's juncture that brings out our fun, playful side! It is the time of year for carefree beach trips, driving with the windows down and romantic date nights under the stars. Adding to the exhirating time and endowing the boons of the Nature Gods not only to your skin, but also to the mind, body, mood and soul, The Nature's Co. reasserts to make this experience excellingly by furnishing a plethora of incredible offers, discounts and deals gratuitously, across their range of bath, body, hair and skin natural and vegan beauty products. 


EXPERIENCE: Swedish massage at SPA.ce The Spa.

Beauty and the Brands

The saying as it goes; ‘Diamonds are a woman’s best friend’ can well be reframed as ‘Make-up is a woman’s best friend’. Blessed are those who need no make-up and can survive the daily dose of pollution and other harmful things which affects one. For those who just cannot manage all the hardship of the polluting environment, make-up is the best shot.