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Beauty and the Brands

The saying as it goes; ‘Diamonds are a woman’s best friend’ can well be reframed as ‘Make-up is a woman’s best friend’. Blessed are those who need no make-up and can survive the daily dose of pollution and other harmful things which affects one. For those who just cannot manage all the hardship of the polluting environment, make-up is the best shot.

Make-up has been an essential part of grooming up, for both men and women, since ages. Make-up or cosmetics as its generally known to us; and its usage by humans, dates back to as much as 6,000 years. First known to be used by the ancient Egyptians, the art of make-up and the cosmetics used has evolved into a booming industry. While earlier women used charcoal or burnt matchsticks to darken their eyes, today you have eye-liners and mascara. Earlier women used berries to glosen their lips and now we have lip glosses and shades or lipsticks to highlight the lips. With age and technology, cosmetics and make-up have evolved and big beauty brands have taken up the responsibility to beautify humankind. Today, globally acclaimed brands are researching, creating and coming up with exotic beauty products to make-up humankind. Let’s have a look at the best of the beauty brands up on the shelves to make you look a beautiful you, every day.

With its presence showing in more than five continents, Olay is one of the world’s first beauty products brands. Created almost 60 years ago, Olay is a trusted Personal & Beauty care brand used by millions of women around the world, to stay younger, look beautiful and to grow with glowing skin. Olay features a complete range of make-up, cosmetics and beauty care products such as shampoos, face creams, body moisturisers and anti-aging creams. Try the Olay Complete range or the Total Effects and the many more products which get millions of likes and reviews from happy, young, beautiful women.

One of the many trusted beauty care brands, Avon is a special to women across the world. Used daily by millions of women form across the world, Avon had been reviving, fixing, enhancing and beautifying the world for ages. With the best of the elements used in the making of its exclusive range of beauty products, Avon features the best beauty care products which go much beyond just make-up essentials, cosmetics, skin care and enhancement products on its racks. Avon and its exclusive products such as Avon Elements, Clearskin Professional etc. competes against the best of other beauty brands, yet is sold and used by millions across at least 120 countries.

The brand says it all. Gathering and garnering awards from the world over, L’Oreal is the world’s largest chain of beauty care, skin care and cosmetics producers. Serving a woman’s need to look good and feel awesome, L’Oreal has been a regular name in every woman’s closet or handbag, for almost 100 years. Featuring popular cosmetics ranges such as the Paris, Voluminous or Infallible, L’Oreal has an exclusive make-up collection, making L’Oreal clearly, a woman’s first choice of beauty care and cosmetics products. Look beautiful like a woman does with the exclusive range of skin care, beauty care, sun protectors, cosmetics etc.

When it comes to beauty, enhancement and best results, Neutrogena is what women from around the world trust upon and recommend. Researched, tested, approved and proven by the best skin care advisors, Neutrogena is the world’s No.1 choice to beat all your beauty and skin care related issues. With the best of Skin cleansers, Moisturisers, Sun protectors, Face cream and other cosmetic solutions for women, Neutrogena will surely deliver a happy, beautiful and good looing moment to you, throughout the day.

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