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EXPERIENCE: Swedish massage at SPA.ce The Spa.

It is simply amazing what you can find tucked away in the more silent bylanes of the Indiranagar area. Coffee shops which sell melt-in-your-mouth croissants, boutiques selling clothes that fit like they were stitched for you and  SPA.ce the Spa

The first couple of times, I saw the board of SPA.ce, I kept thinking it was either realtors or interior decorators. I never paid attention to the details on the board, because in all honesty, they didn't have a very catchy sign board for a while. I have seen this spa around Indiranagar for over two years and finally, like finally I decided to pay a visit to it.

Located on a corner, at the junction of two smaller roads, there is a house, a very pretty house, that bears a bright red sign- SPA.ce. I know that for about a year it was housed one road before where it is currently.

The surroundings of the spa are very pretty with a lot of greenery. As soon as you enter there are these huge candle stands with candles. The reception area is very well lit and on the counter there is a shelf with Chamki Nail polish. I didn't know that SPA.ce and Chamki was owned by the same person- Nina (I really hope I got the name, right) Coincidentally I have reviewed a Chamki nail polish in Imli. I was given a small form to fill to indicate how much pressure I wanted and which parts they should focus on during the massage. I decided to go in for a Swedish Massage which cost 1900+ tax for 60 minutes.

At the reception

The interiors have a very simple decor. There is minimal fuss and there is no unnecessary clutter. You can truly breathe in this space. There are 2 floors and a terrace. There are totally 6 rooms where 3 are couple rooms and 3 are single rooms. I didn't go with anyone, but I was in a couple room. The name of the rooms are positive words like  Joy, Blissful. Each room comes with a shower and the washroom has stone floor. I just loved how it added to the whole rustic feel. Also the stone floor was cool and well not slippery when you have oil all over you. Oh, I must mention that do have male masseurs as well.

My masseuse was called Diana. While she went to the combination of organic oils, she gave me a robe to change into. The oils she used were olive oil and green tea oil. One of the specialities of SPA.ce is they use organic oils which makes the oils all the more fresh and more effective. The pressure she applied was simply perfect. With the cool air, the curtains shut and some soothing music, I could find myself drifting off and completely relaxing. The bed is wide enough that the masseuse could climb and stand on it without stamping on me. There is a small hole to keep your face in while lying face down, so that you can breathe easily. The whole experience was just so holistic, I could barely believe that the busy ESI hospital road was less than a few feet away.

before the massage

Diana checked if I wanted a head massage and a chest massage and I quite liked that idea. Not everyone wants a head massage and a chest massage. I requested for steam, so she switched on the steam room before she completed my head massage. The steam room, like the name suggests, it quite literally a small room filled with steam. The steam is complimentary unlike in some spas where you have to pay for steam separately. Here the steam room is located on a floor above the room that I was in. I would liked it a bit better if there has some sort of steam machine within the massage room itself.

after an awesome steam and shower

Once I had spent about 10 minutes in the steam room. I went for a shower. They provide shower gel and shampoo. You can request for a blow dryer to dry your hair after the shower. I always forget to carry moisturiser, so I suggest that when you are going for a spa session take moisturiser to use after the session is over. The water was nice and hot and so soothing.

the stone tiled washroom.

My masseuse asked me what I would like to drink when I was done with the massage and by the time I was dressed, there was a cup of warm lemon tea waiting for me at the reception area. There was also a feedback form.

I had heard that SPA.ce offers spa parties and so I went to the terrace to see what it was like. You can get your girlfriends here for a mani/pedi or a head and neck massage, have some tea and gossip as much as you want. The charge is dependent on what service you choose but they didn't seem to have any discounts for spa parties. I mean if you are going as a group of girls, you would love to get a discount as well. I hope they introduce that soon.

the terrace

Overall it was an amazing experience. SPA.ce is the second spa in Bangalore that I have visited and I am glad that I did. I do see myself going back there.

So have you ever visited SPA.ce the Spa? Share your spa experience with us.

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Disclaimer: The service was offered to me at a discounted rate, but opinions are honest and no biased.