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Leave Letter

Dear Readers,
It is wedding season, and as a bridesmaid/ maid of honour, I am expected to be there at all the weddings over the next two weeks. Normally I would schedule posts so that you all don't miss me too much when I am on leave, but having just started a new job + wedding preparations (I doubt I will be doing so much of prep even for my own wedding) I haven't had time to put together quality content. So there will probably be no posts till the first week of May, after which I promise I will be back with a bang.
Please don't go away. Well even if you do, make sure you subscribe to Ishtyleawhile by email so that you will get notifications as soon as I am back with posts. Follow me on Instagram / Twitter so that you can see all the wedding shenanigans. The handle is @IshtyleAwhile and I will be using the hashtag #IA27dresses. (If you get the meaning behind the hashtag, let me know in the comments section below)

Love you all

P.S have you noticed I seem to sign off with my name only when I am writing these kind of letters to to you guys.