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OOTD(S): What I wore during my Manali- Amritsar trip

I cannot tell you how much I have changed since I started blogging about my personal style. I mean I was always conscious about what I wore, but now I seem to only think in terms of outfit posts. Does this happen to every fashion blogger?
So when I went on the family vacation to Manali and Amritsar, I actually planned my outfits and then packed my bags.

Here is what I wore each day.

Day 1: Rock garden at Chandigarh

This place is made of unwanted scraps and garbage. It is just creativity at a whole new level.

Shirt from Marks and Spencer
Jeans from Lee

Day 2: Vashista temple and hot spring

So the hot spring here is nothing in comparison to what we saw at Manikaran. I did like the temple though.

Top from Wills Lifestyle
Pants from Wills Lifestyle
Stole from The Trunk label

Day 3: Solang Valley- A snow day

I expected to get a bit soggy from playing in the snow and so I went for an all black outfit and added a pink scarf for a pop of colour.

Top from United Colours of Benetton
Pants from Wills Lifestyle
Scarf from Vietnam

Day 4: River rafting, paragliding and Manikaran

To get wet while river rafting I actually wore the same top as yesterday but with leggings this time.
After rafting I changed into a more body hugging outfit for paragliding. I haven't worn this purple top in a really long time because somehow I just felt it made me look shapeless. I guess I had gained some flab. To spice it up a little, I chose a pink tank top and folded the purple top so that the pink showed underneath. I really liked how it looked but the pictures look terrible.

Top from United Colours of Benetton
The pink tank from People
Jeans from Lee
Scarf from The Trunk Label

Day 5: Naggar Castle

This was our last day at Manali and it was a chilling out day. We woke up late and left slowly after a really heavy breakfast to this beautiful heritage hotel called Naggar Castle. It was a castle and now converted into a hotel. I walked in there and I wished that I could have shot more outfits in that location.

Check out the full level posing

Top by Harpa from Jabong
Pants from Wills Lifestyle
Scarf from The Trunk Label

Day 6: Jallianwala Bagh

The Jallianwala bagh tragedy is something that remains etched in the memory from history class. It is one of the events in our Freedom Struggle that I never had any issue remembering the date for.

I styled the stole/ scarf differently each day 

That's me saying " Just take the picture already"

Top from Jealous Jeans
Jeans from Lee
Scarf from The Trunk Label
Bag from Wills Lifestyle

Sister's outfit at Naggar Castle
My sister's style of dressing is definitely effortlessly chic. This is what she wore when we went to Naggar Castle.

Random Stranger at the Airport

So I was sitting at the airport and I saw this lady in the waiting area. I walked up to her, told her I how I loved her outfit and asked her to pose for me, which she did after a little bit. I had to convince her that I wasn't a creepy stalker but a legit blogger. She looks so put together yet so effortless and comfortable. Perfect to travel in.

Which outfit did you like?? What do you wear when travelling?

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