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The Sunscreen Edit.

I am totally loving the weather right now. It started to get really hot in Bangalore and then we got hit by the summer showers. It has cooled down so much!!! Like the sun is shining but there is also this super cool breeze. This doesn't change the fact that sunscreen is a definite must. In all honesty I am terrible at using sunscreen. I usually never remember to use it. So in my list of '30 things to do before I turn 30', using sunscreen on a regular basis was top of the list. (yes I have a 30 things to do before I turn 30 list. More on that later.)

Anyhoo.. It was like Luxola knew of my plan to get the sunscreen game on for this summer and well they sent me, not one, but three sunscreens to review for you. So lets quickly go through them,

1) Supergoop Play! Everyday Sunscreen.

I cannot get over this name. I mean like how cute is it. Just reading the name makes me think of Flubber. This is a water resistant sunscreen and if you don't shake it well before use, then all you get is oil. This happened when we went to Manali. My sister had no idea that this sunscreen had an oil phase and well when she tilted the tube all she got was oil. It was kind of messy. The one thing I really don't like about this product is the odour. It smells very chemically. Since it has a very oily nature, I never used this for my face. I already have super oily skin in the summer and I was terrified of a breakout. During our Manali trip my entire family used this every day for 8 days and there is still half at tube of product left. Priced at 1230INR for 71ml, you don't need a lot of product.
It says to reapply every two hours, which none of us, and that would probably explain why we still managed get a tan. It has an SPF of 30 and PA +++ which is perfect for Indian summers. I can safely say that I will not repurchase this sunscreen.

:) water resistant
:) decently priced

:( Smells terrible.
:( if you forget to shake it well, then you will get only oil

2) Dr.Jart + Ctrl A Sensitive Sun protector.

These sunscreens have long and funny names. Well with an SPF 35 and PA ++ , this sunscreen is good for sensitive skin, and I am can vouch for that because it has not broken me out. I have used this on my face and I like using it mixed with my foundation. My skin is less stickier when I use it with this way as against layering the products. In an easy to use squeezy tube, this sunscreen it relatively more matte than the other two sunscreens, This light weight tube is easy to carry but not easy on the pocket at a price of 1684INR for 40ml. Despite the price, this is the sunscreen that I would repurchase.

:) higher SPF, so longer protection.
:) No smell of any kind
:) safe for acne prone skin like mine
:) easy to carry around.

:( the price is a huge negative

3) Somme Institute Double Defense SPF 30+

In a twist and pump with minimalistic packaging, this sunscreen has my vote for the most classy looking sunscreen I own. However, at 2976INR, the cost is anything but minimalistic. This sunscreen is highly moisturising to the extent of being really oily on my combination skin. So when I use it under makeup I find that I need to blot my skin before putting the makeup. Sometime I just skip foundation with this and use only powder. It is a heavy sunscreen but I have not had any breakouts with this.With a system called Molecular Dispersion Technology, this sunscreen not only protects the tissues but also nourishes them from deep within. As a student of biochem, this is a technology that I would simply love to go in detail and explain to you guys, but I don't want to make this into a science lesson. To keep it short and sweet, long term usage of this line of products with MDT is definitely beneficial for your skin care. Maybe, once I am earning a little more, I will repurchase this and more skincare from this line.

:) I usually skip a moisturiser when using this
:) Fancy technology for getting maximum benefits out of this product
:) classy minimalistic packaging.

:( the price
:( very oily
:( not easy to travel with

Now normally I would say that the availability of these sunscreens is a huge con, but thanks to Luxola shipping to India, all you have to do is shop for your favourite sunscreen at I've given you my verdict on these three, but that's not all. I have a discount coupon for you to use when you shop for the first time at Just type BLX- ISHTYLE to get 15% off on your first purchase. This offer is valid for a month from today. SO what are you waiting for?? Go, register on Luxola and shop. You can thank me and Luxola for the discount later.
(A word of warning. This discount is not applicable on already discounted items. You will have to check the FAQ page on Luxola to know for which items this discount is not applicable.)

Do let me know your favourite sunscreen and what you buy from Luxola using the discount in the comments section below.

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*products have been sent by Luxola, but this has not affected my opinion in any way.