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Why Pendant Set jewellery is an ideal gift.

The other day I was doing some rearranging of my accessories (I do this more often than I like to talk about) and the reason I was doing this is because I wanted to check if I needed to buy anything more for the upcoming wedding season. I have three weddings to attend over three months and I have a lot of outfits to get ready for that.
While I was doing the reorganizing I realised that I have a lot of pendant and earring sets and I love those for Indian wear. The thing about pendant sets is that since you have earrings and a necklace together, you don't have to go around hunting to match the necklace with the earrings. I find that so cumbersome especially when I have rush out for a wedding (I am always last one on the family to get ready to go out). Having them together as set, saves so much of time.

Option 1: The TBZ style

I am sure you guys have seen the TBZ (Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri) jewellery ads. Every time I see that ad, my mind is boggled by the intricate work on the necklaces. Of course, on a teachers salary, I would probably be able to afford that only by the time I retire. So here is a more affordable and light weight option. After all, you don't want an aching neck at the end of the wedding. I would pair this with a green sari that had a gold zari and probably some small thread work on the pallu.

Option 2: A Pearly affair.

You all know my love for pearls. I have featured pearls on this blog so many times. I can't get over how just a simple string of pearls can add so much more elegance and really elevate an outfit. It can make any attire classy. I like to think of pearls as elite jewellery. This string of pearls isn't just pure white, which makes it a lot more versatile than the traditional pearl set. I would pair this with an off white salwar set and a dupatta that had golden threadwork on it.

Option 3: The Tam Bram way

Being a tamil brahmin, I love my Kanchivaram silks. I find that the pendant sets that work best with the traditional saris, are the ones with a small round pendant with green and red stones. This paired with kajal lined eyes, loads of mascara, simple anklets and a chunky gold bangle, you are all set to turn heads at any wedding.

So what is your take on pendant sets? Do you own any?

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